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TV Show Review: Sherlock Series 3 (2014)

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"Sherlock" Series 3 official blu-ray cover.

"Sherlock" Series 3 official blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

  • Directors: Various
  • Distributor: BBC Home Entertainment
  • Released: February 11th, 2014
  • Runtime: 262 minutes
  • Availability: On DVD, blu-ray, and streaming on Netflix

Story Summary

Sherlock fakes his death and doesn’t tell Watson as he tries to cope with Sherlock’s death, later after Watson is reunited with Sherlock, Sherlock must deal with his most terrifying speech to date, the Best Man’s speech at John’s wedding.

I Enjoyed the Story

While the third series wasn’t as interesting as the previous series I still enjoyed Sherlock Series 3 (2014), not to be confused with the Sherlock (2014) American movie starring Robert Downey Jr. that I am also reviewing. That movie has a completely different story and setting than the B.B.C. Sherlock series that I’m reviewing in this article.

I do think that the modern setting is an interesting twist, not that this hasn’t been done before in movies and TV shows using Sherlock Holmes before, but the B.B.C. version is fun and I enjoyed it, it can’t be super faithful to the books due to the setting and technology changes but I always think it’s interesting how they update the setting and try to use the original stories in a different way than how they were when they were originally published.

Sherlock on an investigation for one of the Queen's guards that asked him to help him.

Sherlock on an investigation for one of the Queen's guards that asked him to help him.

Sherlock: Series 3 Launch Trailer - BBC One

The Visual Effects Are Good

The visual effects for Sherlock look really good, you can’t really tell when they’re doing fancy visual effects or not, but the visuals look nice. I like the cinematography of the series and they always make the stories visually interesting because of the modern setting.

The visual effects are invisible so I don’t really think about if they’re using CGI or green screen for stuff and everything feels very natural and it’s nice that I’m not trying to dissect where the use of visual effects is.

The Cast Is Great!

I enjoyed the cast of Sherlock and I’ve enjoyed the main cast ever since I started the series. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are great actors and I’ve enjoyed them throughout the series and they’ve done an amazing job in their roles as Sherlock and Watson.

Amanda Abbington plays Mary Watson and I liked her acting a lot. She portrayed a very interesting character and I liked the personality she gave the character in her role in the series.

Una Stubbs plays Mrs. Hudson and she’s a good character despite not getting a lot of screentime in the story and her main job is serving Sherlock and Watson tea and food. But she’s a quirky character and I enjoyed Una Stubbs’ performance as Mrs. Hudson.

Lars Mikkelsen did a great job portraying Charles Augustus Magnussen, the main villain of the series finale. He was a very interesting villain and it led to a really great plot twist and I think he did a fantastic job in this role.

Overall, the acting is excellent for this version of Sherlock. Everyone plays their roles very well and no one felt like they were overacting in their roles.

Sherlock Series 3 Soundtrack - 01 - How It Was Done (From The Empty Hearse

The Soundtrack Is Great!

I liked the soundtrack and the music was great. It really fits the atmosphere of the show and it added to the drama and the tension of the episodes. I enjoyed the music a lot.

Sherlock giving the Best Man's speech at John's wedding.

Sherlock giving the Best Man's speech at John's wedding.

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The 2016 Special Is Fantastic!

The 2016 special has Sherlock and Watson investigating a case in the setting of the original novels with some crazy twists during the episode and I really enjoyed the special, because it did something extremely novel and combined both the modern and the original setting with a fun twist that I enjoyed a lot.

The special was also fun because they kept the entire cast in the story, even the characters that were gender-flipped in the modern setting and that was a fun way to use the same cast without recasting any roles.

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The special was a blast and I wouldn’t mind having the original setting with this cast but it was a ton of fun to watch.

Some of the Cases Weren’t as Interesting

While I still love this series, I think the previous cases were more interesting, although this series’ finale and special are amazing; the other episodes are really good, but not as good as the previous series.

It’s not that the quality of the show dropped or anything but I didn’t find the cases to be as interesting as the previous season

Overall, The Show Is Fun!

Sherlock Series 3 is a ton of fun, because we get to see both Sherlock and Watson live their lives while still solving mysteries together. The Sherlock villains are still solid but can’t outdo James Moriarty.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this season even though I don’t think it was my favorite, it was still very well done and had great production values for writing, visual effects, soundtrack, and acting.

I had a lot of fun binging this series on Netflix and now I just have to finish Series 4 before I’m caught up to where the show went on hiatus.

While I do enjoy this show I don’t quite enjoy it enough to buy it for my collection, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it if you want it for your own blu-ray or DVD collection.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

The cases aren't as interesting as previous seasons

Great visual effects

Great from the cast

Good soundtrack

My Grade: A-

I highly recommend Sherlock Series 3, it was a ton of fun. I enjoyed the characters and the story as well. I like how they incorporated the supporting characters into the cast and how both Sherlock and Watson continue to develop as the story goes on.

The villains are also excellent even if some of them aren’t as interesting as James Moriarty. The villains aren’t boring and they have their own ways of threatening Sherlock or someone around him that he’ll have to solve the mystery of why or how they’re doing things.

I enjoyed Sherlock Series 3 and I’m looking forward to finishing the show until it decides to come off hiatus, if it ever comes off hiatus.

I highly recommend watching this series, while I’m not going to be buying this series because I’m perfectly fine with watching it on Netflix, it is a series that is worth buying if you enjoyed it a lot.

I enjoyed it quite a bit but not quite enough to buy it, but I do like the stories and the characters and I will be watching the last season soon. It is a great series and while not perfect, I had a lot of fun watching it.

The stories, the mysteries, and the characters are a lot of fun to watch so I highly recommend the series. Some diehard fans miss the original setting of the books, which is understandable because a series with the original setting with this cast would be a lot of fun to watch, as shown by the 2016 special episode they did with the original setting.

I enjoyed this series a lot, and unless you don’t like the setting update or if they changed things from the original books, I think you’ll enjoy watching Sherlock too.

I highly recommend this series and I’m not really big on the mystery genre but I was introduced to Sherlock Holmes through the Wishbone PBS series so I’ve always known who the character was.

I enjoyed this version of Sherlock and I’ve enjoyed other versions of the character as well but this one was a lot of fun because of the modern setting and having British actors portray the characters compared to that weird American version Elementary that I never got around to watching.

Overall, I enjoy Sherlock a lot and I think that you will too.

My Rating

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