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5 Reality T.v Shows Like 'Unreal' You Need to See to Believe

Gotta love a good series. New and old, I binge watch so many that I would drown if they were made of water. Here's a bunch I love.


What's So Good About Reality T.V?

Reality T.V is a firm fixture in most countries. In Australia we have plenty. Places like America and the UK also have their own versions unique to them. The contestants are everyday people and as such the dynamic is appealing depending on the cultural norms.

Australia and the UK each have a show called 'First Dates.' I have tried to watch the UK version, however, being from Australia, I find the UK contestants irritating and more over the top than the Australian version. Don't know why, I just do and perhaps the UK feel the same about ours. There is also an Irish version.

These shows contain B grade celebrities to reel in viewers. Shows like 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' is one that features leftover almost famous people who once starred and didn't win the girl, the guy or the money. It airs in three different countries (America, UK, and Australia) meaning the formula is successful. All you have to look at, is that there's a Bachelor or Bachelorette type show in most countries as well. People at home want to watch.

It's no shock that since the first creation of these types of shows, other people decided to make shows about the shows themselves.

No matter what country these get made in, it doesn't matter, people still find them relatable and many people I know of just watch to laugh at the situations the contestants find themselves in.

I came across some series that take the mickey out of reality shows and some are extremely well done! These are my top 5.

Number 5 - 'The Onions Sex House'

  • Title: The Onions Sex House.
  • Release Date: July 2012, 1 season with 10 episodes.
  • Noteworthy Producers: It got produced by Matt Corado, Sandra Gordon, and Grant Jones and together have long lists reputable work in this niche.
  • Made in: The United States
  • Written by: Onion Digital Studios.
  • What Shows Does it Mock?

    Bachelor Pad, Big Brother, and The Real World.

    America wants to see sex as much as possible, so they throw 6 contestants into a house to hook up. If this was a horror movie the house would be rigged up with death traps and knives that fling out of the floor, however, it's not... It's a sex house... So there is porn on every channel, plenty of alcohol and sleeping gas to keep them in a state of control. The food kept to a bare minimum and only consists of bananas and pumpernickel bread. The show is rife with dark comedy style and often a vulgar mocking of the very shows of other shows of this type. This show is an eye opener and truly does its best at being an almost Cabin in the Woods (2012) style version of Big Brother with satin sheets and sex toys.

    My Thoughts On 'The Onions Sex House'

    The Onion is a website who launch their series' from YouTube grant funded platform. They began as a radio show in 1999 and grew from there. The public and some official news sites thought some od the fake news stories were real. A few other shows that The Onion has made are;

  • Today Now (parody of morning talk shows.)
  • Horrifying Planet (parody of nature shows.)
  • America's Best (parody of American Idol.)
  • Dr. Good (parody of Doctor Oz.)
  • Owner's Box (parody of sports shows.)

The Sex House casts a very dim light over shows like Big Brother and makes you think about the control producers and crew have over people's lives. The catch phrase "they knew what they were getting into when they signed up," is definitely worth a re-think after watching this little series. It was often funny, but consistently dark and starts off with a scene that made me uncomfortable, thank goodness the show went in a clear direction that speaks highly of their ability to hone in on the point and not just ratings dazzle.

The Onion Sex House - Trailer

Number 4 - 'Death Valley'

  • Title: Death Valley.
  • Release Date: August 2011, 1 season.
  • Made in: The United States
  • Written by: The concept for this show is none other than Spider One aka Rob Zombie frontman and totally awesome musician. Eric Weinberg produced and wrote heaps of episodes of the smash comedy hit Scrubs (T.V series 2001), and Curtis Gwinn produces another of my favourite shows The Walking Dead. How this show got canned having these guys involved is anyone's guess.

What Shows Does it Mock?

Cops, The First 48, The Shift and Highway Patrol.

This one is definitely like Cops however set in San Fernando Valley and real-life includes zombies, werewolves, and vampires. The first episode sees the UTF (Undead Task Force) try and solve the case of a murdered vampire pimp. They lose one of their own when a zombie attacks while at the local doughnut shop and a lead officer is kidnapped by rogue vampire bikers.

My Thoughts On 'Death Valley'

I'm a horror fan and this ticked all the boxes when I began watching it. It's funny and dark and I am still not sure how a show as good as this gets canceled. The story lines were funny with titles such as 'Two Girls, One Cop' and unique monster kills a plenty, this great series was over way too soon. Despite it having only one season. I recommend giving it a watch if you like your cop shows, guns, and exploding zombie heads.

Death Valley - Trailer

Big Brother House mate talks to Big Brother from the Diary Room.

Big Brother House mate talks to Big Brother from the Diary Room.

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Number 3 - 'Dead Set'

  • Title: Dead Set.
  • Release Date: October 2008, 5 episodes.
  • Directed By: Yann Demange, he also directed 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl ' 2007 which was fabulous and if you haven't seen it, watch it.
  • Made in: The United Kingdom.
  • Written by: Charlie Brooker wrote many of the episodes of the new flavour of the year 'Black Mirror.'

What Shows Does it Mock?

Big Brother

Dead Set is a mini series and I binge-watched it over two days. It begins with an introduction to the Big Brother House, an eviction night, and the show's crew. Emergency services start news broadcasts that begin to become more important than the live show, much to the producers annoyance. While the world outside becomes a victim and host to the virus that turns a bitten person into a zombie, the housemates discover that no one is watching them anymore.

My Thoughts On 'Dead Set'

I have no idea, being a massive zombie fan, how this show isn't more well-known, and if it is why I hadn't seen it earlier.

One of the characters Riq Rahman, played by Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler 2014) and (The Night Of 2016) and if you are a fan of Big Brother UK, plenty of cameos by former housemates scattered throughout to keep you watching the screen (though I highly doubt it would bore anyone.)

It all ties up nicely if not predictably at the end regardless of some obvious dumb dumb's getting bitten in 'surprise' attacks (that aren't a surprise at all) on the way.

I did pause to remember that people on these types of shows somehow go in as strangers and come out thinking of each other as the best friends they will ever have or will ever meet again. Thank gosh the producer Patrick survives, in this case, to cut through the inane stupidity that seems common place in reality T.V This show is so watchable it's addictive.

Dead Set - Trailer

"Will you accept my hose?"

"Will you accept my hose?"

Number 2 - 'Burning Love'

  • Title: Burning Love.
  • Release Date: 2012 to 2013. Ran for 3 Seasons.
  • Noteworthy Producers: Stuart Cornfeld and Michael J. Rosenstein also produced Zoolander 1 and 2 together. Stuart did films like The Fly and Tropic Thunder among other movies. Ben Stiller is a producer on this one too.
  • Made in: The USA.
  • Written by: Erica Oyama.
  • What Shows Does it Mock?

    The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad.

    Just like the real show, Burning Love gets a man or a woman looking for love and puts them through tests, trials and questions what they truly want in a relationship. They compete with each other to win the heart of the bachelor or bachelorette while living together in a mansion. Unlike the famous reality shows where the bachelor gives a rose to contestants he chooses above others... Burning Love issues a 'hose' statuette. "Will you accept my hose?"

    My Thoughts On 'Burning Love'

    I thought this show was hilarious. It mimics the hand-picked characters that one would find in the real reality show and amps it up. It features pregnant contestants, token ethnic characters, and party people that like a drink or ten.

    This spoof really covers all aspects of the typecast situations you would usually see in any of The Bachelor series. I have watched a few series of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in Australia as well as some of the US version and find them quite funny at times, so when I found this, I laughed my head off.

Burning Love - Trailer

Number 1 - 'Unreal'

  • Title: Unreal.
  • Release Date: Season 1 2015, Season 2 2017, Season 3 airs early 2018.
  • Noteworthy Producers: Marti Noxon did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel as well as Glee T.V. Series plus Fright Night (2011.) Sarah Gertrude Shapiro did the USA version of the Bachelor.
  • Made in: The United States.
  • Written By: Marti Noxon and Sarah Shapiro created this series, based on short-film Sequin Raze (2013) by Sarah Shapiro.
  • What Shows Does it Mock?

    The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and The Bachelor Pad.

    The first season starts on the set of Everlasting which features an executive producer who is hard-hitting Quinn King. The plot revolves around the people behind the scenes, the producers, the camera operators and the host of the show. While the contestants and suitors also have awesome stories to tell, their lives pale in the light of the people who run Everlasting and what they need to do to not only create the drama that audiences see on the screens but how they then have to try to live with their decisions afterward.

    My Thoughts on 'Unreal.'

    I must admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for the Australian version of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and while I used to watch whole seasons now I just 'keep up' and don't give it my full attention. Afterwards, I like to know whether the winners are still together each year and have found it's not good odds.

    What I love is the drama and Unreal gives me that, then turns up the volume 200% and adds some serious backstabbing, blinding twists and home-hitting morals. I adore this show and I am impatiently waiting for the next season after gobbling up the first two. Season 3 returns in February and the trailer for this is below.

    Unreal makes you think differently when you tune back into televised reality shows and see the same camera pans, drunkenness and pointed attempts to make people seem a certain way by snipping the right pieces of information and broadcasting it right. The murky underbelly of people who want fame or love is perfectly portrayed in this fabulous series. I want more.

Season 3 returns in February and here is the trailer

Short Film - Sequin Raze

Loving This List? Here Are a Few More

I didn't forget these, however, they didn't make my top 5. So if you need a few more, give these some of your time.

  • The Hotwives of Orlando.
  • Real Husbands of Hollywood.
  • American Dreamz - Movie (2006.)

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