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TV Series Review - Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si's Best Moments

Duck Dynasty Cast

Duck Dynasty Cast

Uncle Si (Si Robertson)

Uncle Si (Si Robertson)

About Uncle Si...

If you haven't heard of Duck Dynasty by now, you've obviously been living under a rock and need to crawl out of it. Duck Dynasty is a wildly popular reality television show featuring the lives of the Robertson's, a family who started a multi-million dollar business with the invention of the Duck Call. As entertaining as this show is, it wouldn't be the same without everyone's favorite Robertson, Uncle Si. Uncle Si is the crazy uncle who can keep anyone entertained with his hilarious stories and wild behavior. In no particular order, here is a list of some of his best and funniest moments during the last 3 seasons of the show. If you have any more of Uncle Si's bestest moments, be sure to comment below...

What Robertsons say about Si...

Here are some hilarious Uncle Si moments...

  • "Uncle Si's Icy Stare" (Season 3, Episode 1 "Duck Season Eve")

In this episode, the Robertson's are getting pumped for the start of duck season and are discussing how many ducks they will kill on the first day. Si decides to reveal his new secret weapon for the ducks.....his "icy stare". "This is something you don't practice. Hey, I'd be falling down if I looked in the mirror and done it." The guys laugh at Si's new weapon until he proves it's power when Willie (Duck Commander, CEO) comes into the room. The guys want to leave work early to prepare for duck season and Willie isn't too keen on the idea. Until Si gives him his icy stare. There are a few moments of silence and then Willie agrees to let them go.(Watch)

  • "Uncle Si's Tea Party" (Season 1, Episode 9 "Sauvignon Beard")

Si and his brother, Phil, are babysitting Phil's granddaughters. The girls get tired of helping out in the field and decided to have a tea party. Phil has no interest whatsoever, but Si is completely on board. "If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right. I want nail polish on my nails." Decked out in feathers, nail polish, lip gloss, and a dress, Uncle Si provides the girls with the ultimate tea party. (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si Eats Poop" (Season 2, Episode 7 "Spring Pong Cleaning")

Si eats poop. No description necessary. (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si Sews" (Season 1, Episode 12 "Fishin' for Business")

The Duck Dynasty women are trying and failing at sewing a new apron for Miss Kay (Phil's wife). Si turns up and surprises everyone by announcing that he's going to take care of it. He sits down at the sewing machine and in no time, has sewn a beautiful and sexy apron for Miss Kay. (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si Gets Handcuffed to Willie" (Season 3, Episode 11 "Si-amese Twins")

This episode is probably the funniest yet. Uncle Si discovers a security kit in the warehouse and it's only a matter of time before he manages to handcuff himself to Willie and nobody seems to know where the key is. The situation escalates when a hacksaw and Jep's blow torch fail to separate them. Jase takes it upon himself to make sure that the two stay attached as long as possible. Willie and Si are on their way to Phil's house for help when Si's sweet tea obsession catches up with him and he demands that Willie pull over so he can pee. Si proudly urinates on the side of the road with a disgusted and embarrassed Willie trapped at his side while Jase proceeds to take memorable pictures on his cell phone. (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si at the Family Fun Center" (Season 3, Episode 7 "Tickets To The Fun Show")
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Uncle Si wins $2,000 at the company's "Casino Night" and spends his winnings on a massage chair. The chair becomes too much of a distraction at work, so Willie asks him to take it back and use the money on something else. Big mistake. Si has Willie take him to the town's family fun center where he has the time of his life spending his $2,000 on pizza and games. His goal is to earn enough tickets to get a huge stuffed purple gorilla. (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si at Career Day" (Season 1, Episode 4 "Frog in One")

Uncle Si traumatizes innocent children in this hilarious episode. Phil and Si are called in for replacements when Willie and Jase decide to skip out on their children's "Career Day" at school. While Phil is teaching one class how to properly prepare a duck (including ripping it's head off and removing it's heart), Si is wreaking havoc in another classroom by telling young children all about his horrific time in the Vietnam War. "People got shot up, the medic's runnin' around fixen' 'em all up. Propped this guy against a tree, he had a shoulder wound. There's a Bengal tiger, grabbed this guy he just bandaged, draggin' him off! There ain't nothin' but blood sprayin' everywhere."

  • "Uncle Si's Driving Tips" (Season 2, Episode 1 "Driving Miss Sadie")

Si takes it upon himself to give Sadie some wise tips on driving...while speeding and refilling his tea glass at the wheel. "The key to driving is...hey, you always be on offense. Defense? No." (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si and the Mannequin" (Season 3, Episode 8 "Duck Be A Lady")

Uncle Si tags along with Willie who must endure the awkward task of taking his daughter, Sadie, dress shopping. When Uncle Si is asked by a store employee to leave his tea glass and jug at the counter while shopping, Si tells her she will have to pry them out of his cold, dead hands. He then strolls off to begin the dress hunt, only to be distracted when he comes across a beautiful mannequin. He dresses her up, dances with her, and then removes her arm. Proving he knows just how ladies love to be treated. (Watch)

  • "Uncle Si: The Christmas Elf" (Season 2, Episode 13 "I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas")

It's Christmas time and Willie and Si are dressing up as Santa and his elf to entertain the kids. When the kids are given a chance to ask "Santa" questions, one little girl asks how long it took to get to them from the North Pole. Santa starts to tell her about their long trip, but Si cuts in and says, "Hey, it was ok until we lost the reindeer. One of them had a heart attack from pulling that heavy sleigh. But that's ok, we ate on him for three days." Things got even more interesting when the presents were handed out. Si was put in charge of gathering some toys to give to the children. After raiding the warehouse, he and Willie gave the children a ball of string, a tape gun, highlighters, coffee cups, a dustpan, and some money.

For more of Uncle Si's crazy stories and adventures, be sure to pre-order his book, "Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle" available

Uncle Si Quotes

Uncle Si Quotes

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Be sure to get caught up for the premier of Duck Dynasty: Season 4 on August 14th on A&E! Trust me, the show is getting only better and better by each season. The jokes, the scenes, the characters are all directed towards one goal: FUN.

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