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The Matrix; Equation of our Existence.

Surprise! You are a series of numbers and this is your life.

Surprise! You are a series of numbers and this is your life.


"There is something going on but you don't know what it is, do you Mr Jones?"- Bob Dylan. Well, Agent Smith knows what is going on but Neo doesn't. Neo is called by a peculiar band of public enemy terrorists to follow the pathway of enlightenment and ultimately escape from the world of enslavement. Does this sound a little weird? Someone who looks like Colonel Sanders; The Architect, has designed a fantastic illusion that we call reality. He has appointed agents to act on a worldly level and sentinels to act in the dimension above our perception of reality. Any theological scholar should be able to spot the truth here. The movie is an inversion of truth. Satanists are experts at doing this. The Architect is God, the sentinels are angels, the agents are apostles and Neo is not the Messiah. Neo becomes the salvation of those in rebellion against The Architect. He cannot defeat The Architect but establishes a new order.


Conceived in the 1990s, the Wachowski brothers commenced production work in 1998. This movie set new standards for technical excellence and was highly influential on the next decade of films. It is one of the most widely recognised science fiction movie series after Star Wars. Casting Keanu Reeves as the lead actor was partially pivotal to the movie's success, broadening the scope of its audience. The other key to its success was the imaginative action sequences and computer enhanced special effects featuring near frame by frame imagery. The sequels capitalised on the same themes and were somewhat more confusing than their predecessor. The settings begin in the world of the late 20th century, dubbed "The Matrix", which is depicted as nothing more than a mass computer simulation but move swiftly to an alternative hostile reality.

The Architect Versus The Anti-Messiah

A sacrilegious, freemasonary version of God faces off with an impudent human in a test that somewhat defies Neo's understanding.

A sacrilegious, freemasonary version of God faces off with an impudent human in a test that somewhat defies Neo's understanding.


"...Look at your children, See their faces in golden rays, Don't kid yourself they belong to you, They're the start of the coming race...Homo sapiens have outgrown their use..." - David Bowie.

"The pen is mightier than the sword." "It was a dark and stormy night." "The pursuit of the almighty dollar." - Edward Bulwer Lytton, author of "The Coming Race" and politician with an interest in the occult. The Zion concept in the Matrix is a product of the Lytton literary legacy. The noun Zion actually has a lot of different connotations. It is the origin of reality on a mystical level. It is a mountain in the heart of Jerusalem. In Rastafarianism it represents the antithesis of Babylon. Babylon is not directly identified, or even mentioned in the Matrix trilogy. In The Matrix sequels Zion is portrayed as a world of underground darkness, like Sheol, not a place of light where God reaches out to his chosen people. Here human technology brings only artificial light.

The Matrix trilogy has taken a wide variety of concepts, many of them theological, and created something unique. One has to look beyond the synergy to find where these ideas are coming from. With this understanding we can begin analysis of key scenes in The Matrix movie to determine their esoteric message.

This Hub is adapted from a chapter of the unpublished novel Road Warriors.

Matrix Zion.

The human underground city of Zion is alluded to as a place of hope in "The Matrix".

The human underground city of Zion is alluded to as a place of hope in "The Matrix".


Henceforth frame references will be given from an official "The Matrix", hard cover edition (copyright 2001). Note that there will be variations in frame times. The start of the movie, what do you notice? Just an obscure date in green (1m39s)? Was this not the year that work on the movie started? The relevance of month and day are by no means certain. The true relevance comes from the year; derived from the key year of Revelation. The disguised root number appears again in the top left as a 555, really it's 666! "Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number..." - Iron Maiden, "The Number Of The Beast". This introduction to the contemporary classic comes from the book of John's Revelation, chapter 13, verse 18. It is a noteworthy fact that removing the first, fourth and seventh roman numerals on the American dollar bill also gives you 666.

Now there are theories that Jesus Christ was crucified in 31AD. One recent publication suggests his birth was actually 3BC and his ministry ended therefore in 28AD. Whatever the case, the relevant theology points to the sowing of the seed at the end of his 70 week Messianic Ministry, where the Holy Spirit is dispensed to the chosen few in the Second Temple (Acts 2:1-4). Soon the seed is spread far and wide. Maturation occurs in 1831; Zion is established once again, in a strange land (Isa. 2:2) by the mixed remnant of Ephraim. Once again Temples must rise and fall. Just 13 years later came the martyrdom of the new High Priest of the Renewed Covenant. The year of the Matrix is the product of the zero datum; 3 times 666 (being 3 combined numbers); 1998, the year filming commenced. The 31 (13+18) suggests that the end time is around 2029.

Kirtland Temple Interior - Date Unknown.

Mormon Temples are the fulfillment of the covert mission of the true Messiah, largely governed by the mixed seed of Ephraim, the remnant of Joshua's people.

Mormon Temples are the fulfillment of the covert mission of the true Messiah, largely governed by the mixed seed of Ephraim, the remnant of Joshua's people.


We hear the characters of Trinity and Cypher at the beginning of the movie. What is trinity? Usually a three of sorts. Christians will say it is God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. The trinity concept was derived centuries after Jesus Christ in an attempt to pervert the religion that became known as Christianity. It is a prohibited matter in the Qur'an where God says to desist from saying three. There is another trinity however; the Dragon, the False Prophet and the Beast. Straight away we have connotations arising. There is a phone call from Morpheus (3m51s), now that's a strange name. Yet we commonly know a derivative of that name. What is morphine? Is it not derived from opium? Morpheus is the pagan demigod of dreams. He was specifically responsible for the dreams of kings and heroes. Later we meet Neo (7m4s), an anagram for one. He starts off as Neo and becomes "The One". Perhaps there are connotations for neo-conservatives. In passing, the unholy trinity equivalent is found in the Old Testament too, with Baal, Queen Jezebel and King Ahab.

Let us compare the film to the gospels. Followers and strangers identified Jesus as the Messiah before his resurrection, others denied it. So it goes for Neo as "The One" in the course of the movie. At the end of the movie he is literally resurrected before our eyes, like some type of pseudo-Christ. Consider how often we hear the name Jesus Christ throughout the movie, quite a few. Then Morpheus "frees" Neo (29m8s). There is a dream sequence (30m45s) and the world Neo sees takes on a surreal, dreamlike quality. The joke is that our reality is his dream.

Morpheus takes Neo to see the Oracle. Of course the Oracle is a woman, for the gender of the Holy Spirit in Hebrew is designated female, that much is true to the Torah. She stands there with an unholy cigarette and pronounces a false prophecy when asked the question over Neo's identity as "The One" she answers "Sorry kid..." (1h12m43m), "Bingo". So Neo is the [dumb] Beast (Jer. 31:27, Rev. 13:18), yet he appears enlightened by the end of the movie. Has he not gained magic power? He was an outsider, now the insider.

It seems relatively simple so far but there is more to come. We promptly meet the agents in the early action sequences (2m45s). Their commander is Agent Smith, a not so obvious parallel to the High Priest, Joseph Smith Jnr. A lesser 'prophet', and founder of the Mormon movement, who once performed such feats as healing and exorcism. For those in some bewilderment, consider an obscure testimony of the man, American amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt, who rediscovered the Ark Of The Covenant in Golgotha, Israel, over 30 years ago, testified of a divine witness to his work, who blessed him. Ron queried that witness and discovered he had arrived from South Africa and was on his way to the New Jerusalem (Surprising Discoveries 3 - Ark Of The Covenant). So the New Jerusalem (Isa.2:2) already exists! Yet everything in this movie series is reality inverted, a mockery; the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa.

Have you ever considered the numerology of the word Revelation? It is 49; 7 x 7. The key verse in Revelation is 13:18. We first encounter a clue to this combination in Genesis 14:14 with the Hebrew numerology of Eliezer equating to Abram's 318 men. Father Abraham 1, 318 men.



The ultimate, undeniable "prophecy" of The Matrix occurs during the interrogation scene (18m13s vs. John 13:18). The expiry date on Neo's passport is shown upside down as 11SEP/SEP 01. In other words, 11 September, 2001, now commonly known as "9/11". There is no logical reason to show this particular dossier image. It is upside down, the fast-moving frames add nothing to the story itself. This is a movie where a huge amount of effort went into perfecting every frame. To suggest this was a mistake is no credible way to simply resolve the matter. The real situation was revealed in the 2012 movie "The Cabin in the Woods" expose by the website "The Vigilant Citizen". This article quotes Michael A. Hoffman's "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". The NWO requires specific acts of Satanic Worship to enable deadly real-life events to unfold in a ritual process of black magic. They are openly advertising the fact that they are worshipping the devils but the message is clad in drag. The message may go back as far as the album cover art of Supertramp's 1979 "Breakfast In America" where the mirror image shows 9 11 above the Twin Towers. To further the case one need only examine the culmination of the interrogation scene.

Many people are probably quite unaware that the first 9/11 took place in Utah in 1857 on the same month and day. That was a kind of own goal by the Saints. The unveiling of the date for the second (2001) 9/11 signalled the commencement of the final war against Islam. The Islamic nations are in complete turmoil since the event and there is no prospect of peace as foreign nations have supported one war after another on their soil. The potential for Islam to be unifying and a force for a religious renaissance to the contaminated West has been completely undermined. We are at the mercy of the American culture personified in Islam as the Messianic Deceiver, the Cyclops abomination.

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The greatest horror sequence in the movie occurs when the words "What good is a phone call..." commence (20m5s). Soon we see a very elaborate electronic bug. There are aspects to this which make for poor science and logic. Yet suppose this all has a much more obvious meaning. The 'villians' are inserting an electronic demon into the 'hero'. This is an inverse exorcism. The reality is the apostles of Jesus Christ exorcising a demon. The navel area is a proxy for the heart, the actual location of the soul and anything else that cares to get in. The size of the mini-sentinel (bug) represents the dimensional phase transformation to accommodate a soul within a body. The patient is regarded as the beast. He is not a free man but a slave to that which accompanies him. Instead of freeing his soul they have inverted reality. Now their Beast is the hero, nearly a martyr and the high priests are antichrists.

The Tank Scene; Matrix Reality Unvealed.

The tank scene declares the esoteric message of the body inside the tank connected to the Matrix within the hidden realm distanced from the Central Matrix.

The tank scene declares the esoteric message of the body inside the tank connected to the Matrix within the hidden realm distanced from the Central Matrix.


When Neo's dream sequence is completed (31m40s) he awakens to his true state. He is alive inside a preservation tank where he previously existed in slumber, connected to the computer network that was his reality. He removes his air supply and stands up, halfway out of the tank, taking his first breath of real air. He beholds millions of other tanks where people are harnessed and do not realise their existence is an illusion created by The Architect. What is important here is the connection between the movie world representation and our own. The housing tank he was in represents the fleshly body in which all living human souls usually reside. There is also a hidden, perverse analogy to baptism. Neo's living body and those in the array of towers around him represent our living souls; residing in our bodies here on Earth. Later on they refer to the form of the soul as "residual self-image". This simply pertains to the true image of our souls. Our souls are in the form/image of resurrected bodies, as of those who find life in Heaven. They are like our present bodies at peak maturity, but perfected. The Matrix he formerly inhabited represents our material world here on Earth. That is to say, the world of our Earth that we usually see, unless we sleep or witness a disturbance in the fabric of this terrestrial matter.

In summary Neo has a drug induced awakening (red vs. blue pill; 28m30s) and "unplugs" from the Matrix illusion. His body represents his eternal soul. The tank he was in represents his body. The machine realm he now sees represents the Spirit World; Sheol, Purgatory or The Elevations according to Judaism, Christianity and Islam respectively. The former place he knew, the Matrix Illusion represents our terrestrial world. The centre of the Machine World is a particular realm where the angels gather, as seen towards the end of The Matrix Revolutions. The Architect's control room is a crude analogy of God's throne room, as seen in The Matrix Reloaded.

The Sentinel or great 'squid' built in the Machine World appears (around 32m55s) to flush Neo to the sewers as bad product. The term sentinel is really an esoteric term in these times. The term is code for angel. The metal demons are actually representing the Heavenly hosts. Angels serve the "Matrix". They are divine servants to God's will and are not programmed to deviate from this Way. Likewise in the movie they are portrayed as mighty, yet simple robots.

Neo sees the reality of his existence. He has just "unplugged from the Matrix".

The Matrix Pseudo-Science.

The Matrix premise relies heavily on the nonsense concept that machines are using human beings raised in a synthetic womb to derive their vital electrical power.

The Matrix premise relies heavily on the nonsense concept that machines are using human beings raised in a synthetic womb to derive their vital electrical power.


Morpheus reveals to Neo that the machines depend on bio-electrical power from humans harnessed to mass extraction systems (41m10s). This is of course the total opposite to the hidden reality inherent on Earth. Here angels are ordered, on occasion, to empower us with a spiritual energy that is usually optically imperceptible. When we are empowered we may feel it. We are given strength and may perform ordinances, even "miracles". The gospels tell us of one particular instance when Jesus walked amongst the Gerasenes. A woman who had ailed for 12 years (Mark5:25-34), growing worse, not better, spending all she had on doctors, believed in the prophesised Messiah who would bring healing in his wings. She touched the hem of his robe and was immediately cured. She was largely hidden by the vast crowd. Jesus said to Peter "Someone has touched me, for I am conscious of the power going out of me." Angels transfer fresh spiritual energy to people, they do not absorb energy from people to keep themselves going! The principle holds true for all blessed persons.

Morpheus Is A Terrorist!

At (7m1s) Morpheus is revealed to be an international terrorist and shortly thereafter mysterious news appears in Arabic for a bare second.

At (7m1s) Morpheus is revealed to be an international terrorist and shortly thereafter mysterious news appears in Arabic for a bare second.


A key concept of The Matrix goes back to Plato's works where the real world is only there if you know how to look. The police break into room 303. Three plus three equals six. Three sixes comprise the key number of Revelation. By the 7th minute, Morpheus is declared an enemy of the state according to news articles. With the first interrogation scene Agent Smith pronounces him a terrorist. Why a terrorist? Why the single second Arabic news article flashing past? Next up a small distraction with Alice In Wonderland. Then we see Neo's apartment number is 101; shades of Orwell's "1984". It may also be considered an eleven. The weirdo knocking on his door calls him his own personal Jesus. "Personal Jesus" was actually a song written by Depeche Mode in the same year Marilyn Manson formed, and came to be covered by them in 2004

Neo, following a mysterious online prompt, ends up in some smoky nightclub and meets Trinity. She seems to be offering him the answer to the meaning of life. He wakes up late for work. His boss derides him, refuting that he is special. This Mr Rhineheart says Neo must be one part of a whole system, not one apart. The fulfillment of this matter is the final of the trilogy series when Agent Smith replicates himself, creating a Matrix world of "Mobots", unified divine beings, that even the Architect is powerless to stop without Neo's cooperation. Then we find out that Neo is a wanted man too. He is arrested by agents. There is a hidden warning of the date for the coming "War On Terror". When Neo refuses to cooperate we witness the first truly surreal part of the movie. The beast is silenced; in stark contrast to Christ preaches the gospel. They perform their ritual inverse exorcism. There are three agents, just as there are three in Jesus, Moses and Elijah, or Peter, James and John.

Neo wakes up, thinking he is having another weird dream. Then he is called to meet with the heroes who actually represent Satan's slaves. Now the supposed heroes perform an electronic exorcism. This is where their true faith lies; human science. Not in divine deliverance but electronic wizardry. Neo says in shock that his dream is real. Yet nothing in the Matrix is real, according to the story, which is full of ridiculous contradictions. The story is simply a vehicle for hidden messages.

When Morpheus meets Neo he asks him about his belief in fate. Neo rejects fate, he wants to be in control. This is Satanic doctrine. Neo rejects God's freedom; willingness to be in submission to His plan. I know that statement does seem in itself like a paradox. Yet we find ourselves alive here and we have aspirations. God grants us many things (2Chr.1:10-12). Neo, aka Mr Anderson, wishes to alter the world according to his own petty desires. This is not the Way. The truth means he will be subject to the power of Satan under these circumstances. Neo's freedom is slavery. When Morpheus says "It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth" it is a naughty joke and an obvious pun. Then he offers Neo the red or blue pill options. The red may be likened to the apple in Eden. Of course the analogy is quite loose here but it is the same trick that has been used over and over.

We encounter numerous throwaway lines. Talk of Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard Of Oz. Then Neo transfers from our material world into the story version of the Spirit World. He arises, as though it was a pseudo-baptism, from the suspension tank. So he sees the living arrayed in tanks, millions of them. Yet, like a dead man, he cannot return to their world. The machine world is aware of his condition so he is flushed away to death in the underworld, not raised to exaltation. He is rescued from the pit by Morpheus' followers. We get another joke; "Welcome to the real world." After Neo's recovery Morpheus states "You believe the year is 1999." This is a big switch from 1998, but could possibly be explained as extended recovery time. Of course, by the end of the movie we see relevance in the 999 inversion aspect of 1999. Things start to get technically interesting at this point. Morpheus says they are unsure what year it is. Indeed we are all unsure what year we are in. The Jewish calendar looks at time elapsed from the end of the creation period. it marks us close to the end of the sixth millennium and the beginning of the seventh. Sadly the Jewish calendar has been tampered with and is out by many years, possibly almost two centuries. They can no longer calculate their Sabbath and Jubilee years. If we go by the final year derived from Revelation then we are now much closer to the end, the apocalypse being probably within a couple of decades. The movie states the year as around 2199, perhaps the movie makers are having a bet both ways.

Morpheus shows Neo their "..advanced form of hovercraft", named Nebuchadnezzar. This is the name of the idolatrous king of Babylon who destroyed Solomon's Temple. He was later given mysterious dreams of empires and fall according to the book ascribed to Daniel. Surely this is out of place if Neo and Morpheus are heroes, why the association with Babylon?

Neo gets hardwired to their "core" Matrix broadcaster. It is marked with an ID; Mark 3:2, or 3:11? This could be a gospel reference according to some theories but doesn't seem relevant. He enters a premise called "the construct". They debase the soul as "..the mental projection of your digital self." On the back of the television set is an inverted triangle just to demonstrate what they really stand for. They question what reality is. Morpheus reveals that reality may be no more than what your brain tells you. This is kind of true. Modern physics reveals that our Universe is kind of like a huge projection. To us it seems real. Morpheus shows Neo that his Matrix life was based on Earth as it was at the end of the twentieth century. Later on, during the second interrogation scene, it is said that 1999 is the peak of our civilisation. That implies that we are now in decay. Did they know something we don't?

The Matrix is said to be a great computer simulation. We can say there is obviously truth to that statement. God created this world by mathematics and physics which defy our ability to unravel. Everything is based on physical laws and numbers, as alluded to in the approaching training simulation. This ties into their "fate" concept. If we are all living in bodies that must obey the physical laws around us then we can truly change nothing. We are but atoms in the material sense. Only our inner being can change and function outside of these constraints, only our souls. All else is a forgone conclusion, like sunrise and sunset. Or is God not in control?

On the peculiarly capable TV set Morpheus shows Neo the world of their time. The sky is eternally darkened. Recall the Greek Matthew "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the Sun be darkened and the Moon not give her light..." Then we have another reality inversion. The story says humans created artificial intelligence. This is a big Hollywood joke. We are the creation; humans possess artificial intelligence. Our earthly life is part of our training package. If we could create anything as sophisticated as a brain then we would be gods here on Earth! In truth God created us, every mind different. If we made machines would they not be alike? What follows is more pseudo-science sci-fi. Ask yourself, why would these machines need humans for power? They could use other renewable energies, or even nuclear. The human farming concept is merely another reality inversion vehicle.

It turns out that their reality is too much for Neo. Morpheus says "We never free a mind once it reaches a certain age." The gospel says that you must convert and become as children mentally or Heaven's gate shall remain closed to you. Moving forward, this Tank fellow claims to be a native of Zion. Zion is usually associated with Jerusalem. Yet we have the Nebuchadnezzar starring as the potential salvation of Zion. Nebuchadnezzar was the nemesis of Zion! How upside down is this?

Bypass all the fight stuff and jump program. Cypher Reagan takes it from Trinity, making a sarcastic quip about him now being a believer in the One. Then back to business. Morpheus and Neo walk through a street scene simulation. Morpheus describes the state of the average person " inert and hopelessly dependant on the system that they will fight to protect it." They cannot be unplugged because they know nothing else and are unable to adapt. A fine commentary on the average public audience who will totally fail to grasp the esoteric meaning of this film. Morpheus says "..if you are not one of us, you are one of them." Jesus said in Mark and Luke "He who is not against us is for us." Morpheus declares in regard to the agents "..they are the gatekeepers..holding all the keys.." Indeed the High Priests of God do hold the keys to the kingdom. They allow people to enter according to God's grace. More opposites.

Skip the sentinel search and get to the classic Judas Iscariot proxy; Cypher. He betrays his crewmates and says "Jesus" a lot. Then we are back on the Nebuchadnezzar. There is a scene akin to Exodus where the Israelites get their manna and aren't so grateful. Mouse then comments on how surrendering to sin makes us human, which seems like a good thing to him. Such confused morals.

Neo is taken to see the Oracle. He enters and briefly it's like some kind of lesbian lounge with Sun worship symbolism. Everywhere there are slight variations on the theme of magic. The Oracle is acting as a Mormon Patriarch, except that she lies twice. Afterwards, Neo is told by Morpheus that the message was for him alone. That is the rule. There beside them is another Sun worship item.

There is the deja-vu scene, a possible symbol of pre-mortal existence, or dreams you forgot. After this the movie plot accelerates in meaningless action sequences that require a lesser level of audience sophistication. Then comes the second interrogation scene. Agent Smith tells us how the first Matrix, shall we call it Eden? was designed to be a perfect human world without suffering. The truth swiftly descends into lies. Agent Smith starts talking about evolution (of species). In the second half of the scene Agent Smith offers to share a "revelation". Another pun perhaps? When we get to the rescue sequence we have to contrast this with the end phase of Revelation. " angel..holding the key of the abyss..seized the dragon..and bound him for one thousand years." versus the dragon [Morpheus] breaking free.

Upon the event of Neo saving Trinity from the helicopter crash, Tank concludes his faith has been rewarded; "I knew it, he's the One!" Contrast a doubting Thomas. Such comments are designed to generate confusion amongst christians. Such mockery. It continues with the Dragon prompting Trinity for her conclusion. The Trinity is more speechless than a wooden idol. Neo protests; the Oracle lied! Then the Dragon counters that lying is okay because that's "what you needed to hear." The problem with this principle is that once you start lying it all starts to become a vicious cycle. Like the way our world is today. Morpheus continues with another Star Wars combo pseudo-Jesus spiel; " realise..there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." On to the showdown with Neo versus Agent Smith and friends. Morpheus explains to Trinity "He's beginning to believe." How could Shakespeare compare with this? Shades of Bulwer-Lytton.

On it goes with more meaningless action sequences and the Nebuchadnezzar is under attack from a group of angels. Again we see a room numbered 303. Then comes the apparent death and resurrection scene, complete with bullet holes as a proxy for nails. What more can one say? Well, Neo doesn't really die for he spontaneously resurrects and not long afterwards ascends to the heavens. Have we read a similar story somewhere else?

A Happy Ending-The Matrix Revolutions.

In the final of the Matrix trilogy Neo works with the Oracle to thwart The Architect's plans and establishes a New [World] Order.

In the final of the Matrix trilogy Neo works with the Oracle to thwart The Architect's plans and establishes a New [World] Order.


The Qur'an defines The Matrix explicitly when it is revealed at the time of Judgment Day, in Surah 18:49. And The Book will be laid open, and you will see the criminals fearful of what is in it. And they will say, "Oh, woe to us, for what is this? The Book leaves naught small, and naught great, but has recorded these in numbers!" So finding their deeds represented, and no possible travesty of justice in the heavenly court.

The Qur'an extrapolates these matters in the following passages: S19:94-95, 36:12, 58:6, 72:28, 78:17-40.


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