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Synthwave Single Review: Xetrovoid, "Forgotten"

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Artwork for Xetrovoid's new single, "Forgotten"

Artwork for Xetrovoid's new single, "Forgotten"

Xetrovoid’s single, “Forgotten,” is a track that is full of emotion. The sense of loss and sadness that pervades it is strong and compelling. The music does indeed reflect the feeling imparted by the title of the single, conjuring up the sense of being left alone and abandoned.

“Forgotten” is dominated by the melody of the lead synth. It has a pained quality to it, something that aches inside the music and drives the emotional effect that it carries. Xetrovoid was able to conjure up feelings of melancholy just on the strength of that melody.

There’s a sense of space and depth to “Forgotten” that is created in the track’s production. The sound moves across a vast open area and the exceedingly deep bass sound contributes to a feeling that the music is drifting into outer space.

As the single begins, a deep flow of wind is joined by a synth playing guitar-like sounds, surrounded by echoing space. A smooth, light drumbeat is joined by the main synth melody which is full of sadness and the sense of reaching out for something to hold but finding nothing there. The synth playing it seems to emphasize that tragic quality. Now a higher synth joins it, also yearning and full of an ache that touched me deeply.

The bass here is so deep, like space opening out underneath that pained and lovely melody, a sense of seeking filling it. As the melody changes key, it becomes warmer but still holds the same seeds of something tragic in it. We return to the more minor key as the track finishes, crying out into the darkness that surrounds it, those bass sounds echoing out beyond us into the openness of space and an endlessly blowing wind.

One of my criteria for music quality is the ability to evoke emotion. Judging by my reaction to “Forgotten” this track has succeeded. Xetrovoid has managed to create a sonic snapshot of the emotions associated with the title of the single and it worked for me.

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