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Synthwave Single Review: "Welcome To Night City" by A New Hope

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


A New Hope’s Welcome To Night City is a single that simply brims over with energy. It has some edges to it and a feeling of power pouring up underneath them. The track kicks into overdrive as aggressive drums smack the music upside the head and a snarling synth growls out bass depth underneath the sweeping sounds that move over it.

This track is full of power and aggression as the synths growl and grate underneath the drums that shatter into the track. There’s glitchy sounds and the rush of air sliding and sweeping in now, fluttering in a static flow over the beat that grows in power, energy, and volume.

The music grunts and grits away, as the hard-hitting synths with sharp edges cut into the music and we break to glitchy static and an open flow of lost, drifting synth. A harder pulse of synthesizer begins growing into the music along with the throbbing drums and rough-edged pulses of sound that move and shift underneath all of the other sonic elements.

The feeling of being in a tough, neon-lit city emanates from Welcome To Night City. I think maybe the sonic imagery and sensations that the single creates are the main reason I enjoy listening to it.

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