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Synthwave Single Review: "Through The Night" by Arcade Dreamer

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Arcade Dreamer’s Through the Night is a song that combines strong vocals, superb guitar chops and rich bass and drum sounds. The track begins with radio static and retro-style announcers voices. The wild, howling guitar comes in along with Arcade Dreamer’s singing. He has a strong, expressive voice. This is a guy with some chops and a strong sense of what sounds good.

This is also a song in which the lyrics have been very well considered. There’s a sense of uncertainty in lines like, “Every time I look into the mirror/All I see is someone looking at me/How can I be so sure of what I’m seeing?/ If I don’t know who’s looking back at me” that contrasts with this line, “So take my hand, everything will be alright/Don't have to worry about what's under the sky/Just walk with me through the night.”

The overall effect of this song’s words, in my view, is to reinforce the sense of how we each need someone to walk beside us when things are unsure and the world is unsteady. There are uncertain times when we reach for reassurance and need that hand to hold.

As an example of what we can expect from Arcade Dreamer in the future, Through the Night is very encouraging. I do hope that he’ll come out with a full album so that we can hear more of this very engaging material and get to know more of his range.

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