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Synthwave Single Review: The Less Dead, "Waiting Games"

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Art for The Less Dead's new single, "Waiting Games"

Art for The Less Dead's new single, "Waiting Games"

The Less Dead’s latest single, “Waiting Games,” is infused with energy (despite what the title might suggest). It is a track with some unique rhythms and a very propulsive feeling along with a melody that, at least for me, was oozing with positive energy.

We start with a radio moving between stations, and then beat throbs in with a driving energy. Suddenly, a flying synth melody dances out over a solidly pulsating bass. I like that The Less Dead created a characterful rhythm on this track, rather than settling for something more generically synthwave in nature.

The rhythm of the A section of the track does an interesting stutter where it starts to establish a pattern, stops and then returns again to the initial beat that was established. Eventually it fills out into a steady beat and bass notes that create a propulsion which pushes the whole track onward.

Everything in “Waiting Games” is infused with energy as a series of bright, high synths play a melody with positive feelings oozing from it. Synths sweep and swell across the surface of the steady, smooth drums that underpin the track. A singing synth lead wheels over the drum and bass throb. That synth has a nice soloistic vibe to it as it moves through a rich landscape of many other, different synth sounds.

“Waiting Games” gave me an interesting sensation. The very energy and propulsion of this track seemed to contrast deeply with the title, but I’m not going to complain. I enjoyed the overall melodic and rhythmic approach that The Less Dead took to the single and I want to see how it’ll fit into the larger framework of an upcoming album release.

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