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Synthwave Single Review: "Summer Ice" by Super Drift

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Super Drift’s Summer Ice is a slice of retrowave sound that has a breezy smoothness to it along with contrasts between warmth and a cooler, bluish sound palette that fits the title of the track. The deep retro throb of drums and a pulsing bass line is joined by flashing synth with a metallic quality to it playing a shifting pattern of notes with an addictive quality to it. The steady drumbeat has a throbbing drive underneath a dreaming piano-like synth that carries a wandering, flowing melody.

There are glowing sparkles of sound that touch the track as it moves to a segment with crystalline arpeggios spinning through. There’s a diminuendo before the volume swells and the beat begins to drive again along with a metallic shine of bright synth starts. The dreamy, gentle melody flows on over the heartbeat of the track while in the background high notes shimmer and add texture to the music. There is a summery feeling to everything and the glinting, bright sounds are indeed reminiscent of ice.

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