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Synthwave Single Review: "Stars of Hope" by Dhastron

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Dhastron’s latest single Stars of Hope has a classic synthwave feeling that has been polished and given depth by the layering and intertwining of its sonic elements to produce a cohesive whole that balances all of its parts well. As a tribute to those who took humanity into space, it feels appropriately uplifting.

The first element that drew me into Stars of Hope was its sonic layering.There are flashes of synth that shine out into the track along with deep bass that moves behind them. They are joined by a propulsive synthwave drum rhythm and shiny arpeggios that whirl out through the music. All of these various elements combine to create a rich mixture of sounds.

The next element that I find ear-catching is the lambent lead melody that leaps into the track with energetic fervor. It’s a dancing, flying tune that floods the music with flashing light as it cries out over the deep bass pulse and glowing chords that support it. This is an uplifting piece of music that has the kind of motion and strength that made synthwave popular in the first place.

I also like how the musical expression within the track reflects the themes of space exploration that Dhastron was keen to delve into on the single. There are many glowing, shining elements that flicker and flash through the music as arpeggios spin like wheeling stars and high, glowing synths add a good deal of brightness to the overall sound.

This shimmering feeling along with the positive sensations of the main melody clearly do create a mental image that fits well with the sense of adventure that Stars of Hope symbolizes.

Stars of Hope illustrates that well-produced synthwave music is still fun to hear. Dhastron’s latest single has some positive vibes that don’t go amiss in these weird and unsettling times that we’re facing.

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