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Synthwave Single Review: "Reminisce" by Dream Shore and E.M. Watson

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Artwork for the single "Reminisce" by Dream Shore and E.M. Watson

Artwork for the single "Reminisce" by Dream Shore and E.M. Watson

Sometimes nostalgia can be a negative clinging to the things of the past, but it can also be something that just gives us a warm glow and makes us happy to remember good times, even when they’ve gone by. Dream Shore and E.M. Watson have created a classic synthwave track full of shining arps, warm synth sounds and a deep throb of bass and drums that’s all about the heartwarming side of nostalgia.

Reminisce emphasizes the warmer, lighter side of synthwave and does so well. It has an uplifting melody, thundering drums and bass that flows like dark melted chocolate. The poppy lyrics are well written and both Dream Shore and E.M. Watson’s voices had the right feeling to complement the lyrics that E.M. Watson has written

This is a song is about the positive side of nostalgia and accepting it as a feeling. Even if we’ve moved on in life, sometimes it’s good to pause, look back and reflect on a good time that has passed. As the lyrics say, “I don’t wanna go back/Just trying make this last a while/Hope the stars can see me now/I feel the light as I start to smile.”

The imagery is strong in E.M. Watson’s lyric writing. I especially enjoy the line, “Cruising on down the highway/To an electrified paradise” as it paints a picture that’s so vivid of a midnight highway and the neon glow of a big city.

The whole sensation of the song bolsters those feelings between the classic synthwave arps, bass and drums. It does indeed use the warmth of analog synths and the overall retro feeling to double down on that sense of nostalgic dreaming.

The production values on this single are excellent. Everything sits well in the mix, the balance of the elements in the track makes for rather enjoyable listening and I especially liked how good the vocals sounded on Reminisce and how well balanced they were with the other musical elements of the track.

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Overall I can say that I enjoyed the vibe that Reminisce had and it was a great collaboration between two big talents in the #synthfam. I’d love to hear them work together again because I think some more very cool music could come out of it.


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