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Synthwave Single Review: Phrenzey, "Synthetic Love"

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Art for the single "Synthetic Love," by Phrenzey.

Art for the single "Synthetic Love," by Phrenzey.

Phrenzey’s track “Synthetic Love” is a neon-filled, atmosphere drenched take on that classic synthwave sound. All of the elements of this track flow together well and create an enjoyable listening experience.

The track begins with one extended flow of synth that’s quickly joined by a rapidly pulsing and extremely deep bass. We get a very classic sounding synthwave beat over that heavy undertone of bass and long, sweeping synth notes carrying out over the top. This is a track that feels strongly structured. It definitely has that retro-future vibe, evoking neon drenched nights and lingering tangerine sunsets.

The thickness of the bass dominates "Synthetic Love" but is contrasted nicely with that dancing melody with a touch of minor key sound to it. The intertwining bass and drums are smooth and the lead synth has some airy, open qualities to it as delicate arps swirl over the bass and drum lines.

I really enjoy how the notes sweep and extend through the track, lending it a sense of lingering relaxation. Holding out the melodic notes gives even more wide-openness to the track and really also adds warmth. Synth generally can create that very warm impression and it definitely does so on "Synthetic Love."

The “love” aspect of the album is evoked by its very smoothness and flowing nature. It is like a river that flows around the ears, delicate despite being driven by drums and underlaid by deep bass that seems to drop down far underneath the music to give it substance. It has the permanence and warmth of the kind of love that is deep and abiding.

I’d say that Phrenzey’s voyage into a classic synthwave/retrowave soundscape on "Synthetic Love" was pretty successful. It takes the elements that make classic synthwave so great and balances them nicely. Sometimes well-done classics are exactly what is needed and this track definitely nails the style with flair and panache.

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