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Synthwave Single Review: "Megawave" by Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd

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Dana Jean Phoenix has been a long standing part of the retrowave scene and the single "Megawave" is a powerful and beautiful statement that she is very much here to stay. The vocals and lyrics were done by her and Powernerd worked on the music and the production. The combination of interesting musical elements, her unmistakable voice and uplifting lyrics makes "Megawave" an enjoyable listen.

The standout of this song has to be Dana Jean Phoenix’s voice. It is strong and resonant, as well as possessing a bluesy edge that I like. It fits in well with the music and she has just the right emotional tone in her delivery.

Powernerd's musical contributions are equally well done. Metallic percussion opens the track along with an interesting xylophone melody that adds a unique, fresh flavour to the music. Now the beat, smooth and easy, dances into the track and there are rising warm synth pads behind it. Dana Jean Phoenix’s rich voice enhances the sense of warmth imparted by those pads.

Dana Jean Phoenix’s lyrics are also well-written and the mood and feeling they create really hits a high note. There is something positive and upbeat about them that I think is so deeply important with the world in a crisis. She sings about, “the livin’ feeling of the wind blowing through my hair/the soft caress of the sun on my face” and the chorus calls out, “The future is ours to create/We shouldn’t be fighting our hearts when its so far away!”

As the song continues, she creates a beautiful image in this phrase, “The evening’s come and the stars start shining/Wet feet in the sand and the tide gives chase.” She winds up by singing, “I know I don’t wanna hold back/I know I don’t wanna hold back any more/The sounds we made when we both got soaking wet, those memories I’ll never forget.”

I was struck by the sensations that Megawave generated in me. There was a warmth and hopefulness in this song that connected strongly for me and right now, we can all use some warmth and hope. Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd have created a beautiful synthwave ballad with this track.

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