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Synthwave Single Review: "Lunar Arc" by Aeronexus and King Stephen

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Artwork for Aeronexus and King Stephen's  new Single, "Lunar Arc"

Artwork for Aeronexus and King Stephen's new Single, "Lunar Arc"

Lunar Arc is the latest single from Aeronexus, who worked in collaboration with Venezuelan synthwave producer King Stephen. It is a thrilling, shimmering journey across space on a thrilling quest. This is music with a depth and complexity that showcases how Aeronexus has matured as an artist since Starship Supernova as well as the musical talents of King Stephen. This is a track with flow and drift, but also one with complex and interwoven synth parts that seamlessly trade off with each other to produce a layered effect.

The first thing that struck me about Lunar Arc was how layered and interlinked all the parts were. There are a wide variety of different sonic elements to the track from the throbbing bass to the thundering drums and glowing synths to the warm pads. Each of those parts played off of the others to produce a deeply complex piece of music. Nothing was muddy or hard to listen to though. Each element sat well within the mix and didn’t overwhelm any of the other elements.

There’s a series of different melodic synth parts that move through Lunar Arc. All of them have real sparkle to them. There’s one main lead synth melody which is ethereal feeling and has a certain timeless quality to it, but there are also several solos that have a jazzy energy and feel improvizational in the best way possible as they fly and shimmer through the track.

Lunar Arc evokes feelings of high speed travel through space in between the deep pulses of bass, the glowing and shining higher synths and the propulsive, deep drums that really launch the track into flight. All of those parts helped contribute to the sense of flashing past the blurring stars at warp speed.

I have to say that I enjoyed the end result of this collaboration between Aeronexus and King Stephen. It has everything I like in a good synth-based track in between the deep bass pulse, the thunder of the drums and those flying, dancing and glimmering synth melodies. If this shows us where Aeronexus is going in the future, I am excited to hear more from him!

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