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Synthwave Single Review: Iterations, "Killer Kane"

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Iterations’ latest single “Killer Kane” is an energetic and powerful slice of synthwave. It combines hectic synths, a deep thundering bass and powerful percussion to deliver an energizing musical hit.

The track begins with hectic synths, whirling out quick pulses of sound that are cut by higher tones and a pounding beat begins to assert itself through those thick clots of arpeggiating sound. The steady pulsation of the beat, with a rather interesting hollow sound pushes us forward. There is a powerful intensity and tactility to the sounds on "Killer Kane."

The synth melody that comes is one which has a minor quality to, but is still fairly uplifting. This is a track that does have sonic heft to it. The melody takes advantage of the ability of synths to deliver warm sounds. It also has the floating quality to it that synth music often exhibits. The contrast of those qualities with the rumble of the bass and the bite of the drum sounds.

I like the bell-toned synth that accompanies the lead synth melody which starts to become more minor key as it progresses. The melody scuds along smoothly over the interesting percussion sounds and that deep, powerful bass rumble that helps add substance to the track.

As the track peaks in intensity, a snare drum sound is added to the percussion. The final part of the song builds and builds in intensity before fading out.

“Killer Kane” is a track in which seething tension contrasts with light and air. The proverbial screws are turned quite tightly as the music continues, the synth cuts through that hectic and rushing beat and those arps that seem unending. I find the melody accelerates my mind as the beat and bass continue their almost relentless motion before the track fades to an end.

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