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Synthwave Single Review: Glitterwolf, "Kadimah"

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Artwork for Glitterwolf's new single, "Kadimah"

Artwork for Glitterwolf's new single, "Kadimah"

The first thing that struck me about Glitterwolf’s single, "Kadimah," was the enormous sense of open space that pervaded the sound of the track. It all exists on top of floating synths that seem to go on forever. The next thing that I noticed was the impassioned vocal delivery of the lead singer Mike Wolf. His voice easily stands up to the weight of the music and cuts through it to punch home the lyrics.

"Kadimah" showcases the soaring vocal melody, but the guitar that slices into the track provides an additional layer of power and drama to back up the intensity of Wolf’s performance. The drums here are as powerful as synthwave drums can be with a real depth that carries the track along. The synths are subtle as they provide moments of drift and sparkle that enhance the track.

Depth is the overwhelming sensation I felt from the musical backing of "Kadimah." There is a well of sound that feels as if it’s endless. The way that the vocals sit within the mix puts them right at the front and increases their emotional impact as they hang suspended over those depths.

The lyrics of "Kadimah" are both an emotional expression of a disintegrating relationship as well as a song about starting again and climbing out of the darkness into a more hopeful situation. The song starts out by expressing feelings of being constantly watched while simultaneously being shut out emotionally. The intensity of this situation comes through in the tones of the singer’s voice as he cries out, “I’ll plan an escape/ From the thousand eyes/From the silent walls/That you create.”

As Wolf sings in the chorus, “I’ll admit/I’m in the wrong/Forever and ever and ever/When you admit/That you’ve done harm/Forever and ever and ever” the sense of intertwined damage is painfully clear.

This isn’t a song without hope though. The verse,”Witness this/I’ll be reborn/Forever and ever and ever” clearly speaks of the start of something new, a new way to live without negativity.

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The positive feeling is only reinforced as Wolf belts out the line, “I’m leaving this place/Moving forward/Every step of the way.” The conclusion of the song is a bittersweet one as Wolf sings, “Fall into/Fall into memoriesForget you/Forget my misery.”

"Kadimah" made a positive impression on me, especially in the way that Mike Wolf, the vocalist, was able to channel a great deal of heart and emotion as he delivered the lyrics and the fact that the music provided a strong base to support the lyrics and the vocals. This strong base allowed the words to shine and made this single an enjoyable listening experience.

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