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Synthwave Album Review: "The Good Fight"—Alex Vecchietti

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Alex Vecchietti's new album "The Good Fight" is filled with incredible guitar playing.

Alex Vecchietti's new album "The Good Fight" is filled with incredible guitar playing.

The first thing that struck me about about Alex Vecchietti's new album The Good Fight has to be his guitar playing. The man can shred, dance, and absolutely fly on the guitar. This adds enormous listening value to the album. Since so many synthwave artists have roots that encompass metal and rock, it isn’t as if guitar is rare on synthwave albums, but I feel that Alex Vecchietti's guitar playing is on a higher plane than more generic guitar work. There’s something special about his sound that really makes listening to his playing addictive. But, there's so much more that makes this a phenomenal album.

The Lyrics

Even though his guitar work is phenomenal, it doesn't wash out the power of his voice, which is strong, clear and able to deliver the emotion behind his lyrics. This is a very passionate album. The lyrics are well-constructed and he’s clearly put a great deal of his soul into this album.

The Album's Main Theme

While much of synthwave has taken a turn into darker, more dystopic territory lately, The Good Fight has turned away from the darkness and instead focuses on positivity. It's a meditation on how one might seek the light. Of course, Alex Vecchietti doesn’t shy away from challenging themes, like his discussion of ignorance and the turning away from knowledge, but most of the album is a call to embrace the light and to hold onto those things for which we feel love and passion.

I especially liked the balance between darker sounds and some very warm and gentle moments. It felt like I was being taken on a journey. These contrasting moments kept my attention for the entire album.

The Instrumental Tracks

The instrumental tracks are a good chance for Alex Vecchietti to showcase his skills as a guitar master and his overall ability to compose a powerful, energetic and at times, beautiful instrumental tune. When he’s not shredding, there are lyrical passages with well-crafted melodies.

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His Use of Synthesizers

The choice of synthesizers he uses on this album are well-considered. Whether they are light and airy or dark and crunchy, the synths only bolster the sound. When combined with strong melodies, the overall effect is really enjoyable to hear.

The Mix

The other thing I’d note is that the interplay between the guitar, synths, percussion and bass is well-judged. While the guitar is definitely showcased, it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the recording. Everything sits nicely in the mix.

Overall Review

Overall, I feel that The Good Fight is a strong mixture of well-written lyrics, smokin’ guitar licks, strong melodies and singing that delivers emotional content very effectively. It feels like a strong expression of the things that animate Alex Vecchetti as a songwriter and as a human being. If you’re looking to be lifted up and hear a musical vision that turns towards hope in spite of the darkness, I’d definitely suggest checking this album out.

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