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Synthpop Single: "Walk Away" by Space Tourist & LAU


Space Tourist & LAU's Walk Away commences as Space Tourist’s vibrating, trembling synth is joined by glittering light flashes. LAU’s deeply passionate voice cries out as massive drums throb weightily and a gleaming synth reverberates in echoing lines. Rapidly swirling, flaring synth flits above the interlocking motion of the huge beat.

LAU’s voice is strong and punchy along with the shaping drumbeat as dense bass growls below. The vocal melody bursts with energy and encouragement as fluttering synth tumbles. Now shimmering, broadly bright synth ripples again and a gigantic bass wall supports the other musical elements before LAU’s voice fades into silence.

The narrator talks about how the song’s subject wants to stand tall and fly high to get somewhere but “the highs are so high, the lows are so low.” She adds that it won’t define the other person. It seems that the more the song’s subject tries, the more they fall back and “it breaks your soul.”

The storyteller advises the other person not to let that fact bring them down like it has before. She encourages them to walk away because “she keeps holding you back” and now it’s too late so there’s “no point in looking back.’

“You gotta feel, you gotta love” is the advice the narrator gives to the song’s subject, adding that they have a chance. She urges that person to remember that “two days are never the same” and reminds them to look forward as “this is only the start.”

Our storyteller points out that the song’s subject is “strong in your core” and never quits. She encourages them as they make progress and adds that “now you do know the reason that drives you.” As the song concludes, she says that the other person has flown “right over that wall” and they’re in control so they’ll never “leave the sky any more.”

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