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Synthpop Single Review: "World Falls Away" by Eric C. and Andrea Powell

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Eric C. and Andrea Powell’s World Falls Away is an expression of the hopelessness with which many of us struggle of late. Rich and full piano carries a caressing, aching melody while low strings create a smoothly shifting pulse. A violin-led string section rises above the lower parts in an aching melody. Eric C. Powell’s vocals are powerful and expressive, soaring out over the steady string motion and the piano’s rich notes as distant electronic sounds add shape.

Eric C. Powell’s voice matches the pain in the vocals and the strings swirl before Andrea Powell’s voice adds support to his. The piano melody hurts and hopes, the strings yearn and electronic sounds skitter and twist. Strings take up the pained melody as metallic electronic notes form a cascading line. Eric C. Powell’s voice is emotive and the piano melody keeps on flowing. The strings ripple and climb as the piano hurts and the bass guides the music to a conclusion.

The narrator talks about how we are all holding on to “the things that were ours” and to “the light of the stars.” He asks plaintively about what can be said when “the world falls apart in your hands.” Our narrator hears the sadness in another’s voice as a loss of choice is being sold.

He asks what can be said “when the world falls away from our hands.” He talks about how people are alone as they search through the lies while there’s an “endless drone” that blinds us all. Ultimately the narrator asks, “What can we say when the world turns away in the end.”

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