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Synthpop Single Review: "When Spring Began" by Into The Blood


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Into The Blood’s When Spring Began is a song about escaping darkness and coming into new light. It comes into being with a quick, dark pulse of rough-edged synth that is joined by a smoothly throbbing beat. EVI’s delicate voice’s slightly smoky, airy tones call out in a shining line over the steady drum heartbeat.

Shimmering, round synth glows into the music around the trembling, feather-light vocal melody. Thick synth sweeps in briefly before the song returns to the throbbing beat and flashes of easy-going, rising sound. A repeating, gliding synth line flows through as EVI’s caressing vocals touch the music. There’s a wonderfully soothing feeling to the words and the shine of the music while the beat skips along.

At first there are “rainy skies” as you “dry your eyes.” The next line talks about how “the spring it hides so well” but as “blossoms burst in hunger, thirst” you will be “the first to know.”

The narrator tells us that as “darkness loosens ties tonight” there will be “rain struck joy.” As the darkness goes, “you can’t avoid the daffodils’ hello.” She elaborates that “you believe your need to grieve has taken leave for good.”

As the light returns, the narrator points out that you can “come to terms with goodbyes and cast your fears aside tonight.”

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