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Synthpop Single Review: "We Are One" by Furry Logic

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Furry Logic’s We Are One is a song about solidarity and seeking better solutions for humanity. The solidly driving drums and bass support a resonant, medium-high synth carrying a gentle, encouraging melody with a tinge of something aching in it. The percussion taps and guides the music.

Furry Logic’s distorted vocals are full of expression while the circular, hollow synth forms a dancing pulse while the drumbeat drives the music. Round-sounding synth ripples and shifts over the interlocking sharp-edged background. The drumbeat adds shape and motion throughout as Furry Logic emotes into the music. The vocal melody mingles hope and a mournful feeling as the drums and bass move the song forwards.

Our storyteller opens by saying “thank you for the light the shines in my eyes” that is so bright it blinds him. He talks about knowing that he needs to do the mundane task of “paying the bills I need to pay” but he can’t muster up much interest in it.

In the chorus he says “I know I should save a soul, but the flame is gone.” He feels all alone and realizes that he can’t just “talk the talk” but has to act to find “the end of the rainbow for sure.”

In a time of “heated air (and) burning tears), he says that we should all "mend the fabric of society again.” Our storyteller encourages us to hold hands adding “don’t care about who you are” as long as one does “good for us all.”

He continues, “We haven’t come this far to engage in hostile war” so we ought to celebrate our similarities and differences. As the song concludes, there’s a surge of positive feeling as our narrator says that “we are one, we have just begun” to send everything evil on the run as he says, “Now I’m not the only one.”

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