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Synthpop Single Review: "Twelfth of Never" by Alan Dreezer

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Artwork for Alan Deezer's new single, "Twelfth of Never"

Artwork for Alan Deezer's new single, "Twelfth of Never"

A deep thump of bass and warm flowing synth opens "Twelfth of Never." Alan Dreezer’s voice is expressive and the vocal melody is warm and rich. The lyrics get right to the heart of the matter and have a nice pop feeling. The lyrics are meaningful and demonstrate Alan’s rich voice.

The synth in the background nicely supports the melody while dancing and shimmering enough to make itself felt. It has that further warmth that only an analog synth sound can produce. The beat is a nice throb under the music and supports the other sounds well.

This is a song about love in a deep and pure form. It’s heartwarming to have a song that isn’t cynical or dark, especially in times when we need all the hope that we can get. Alan Dreezer has the perfect voice for it, adding real warmth and emotion to it. There’s a little tremor in his voice as he sings, “I never thought I was beautiful/Until you said it was true.”

The chorus of the song expresses the feeling of hopeful reassurance in the face of anxieties as Alan sings, "Never too close and/Never too far/From losing myself/But then/ There you are/Inside me/Until the twelfth of never."

The passion in the lyrics is so clear as he sings, “I’ll never forget the moments we spent/trying to build something new/I’ve never understood perfect/Until I am laying with you” and the feeling of deep happiness in the words, “Never have I ever seen such a wonderful beautiful face/I feel so lucky now with you around the place.”

Alan Dreezer continues to go from strength to strength in his music. To my ears, Twelfth of Never is by far his most well-polished and enjoyable single. It only increases my anticipation to hear the whole album once it comes out.

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