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Synthpop Single Review: "Try Again" by Bunny X & Mondmann

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Bunny X & Mondmann’s Try Again is a lush synthpop song exploring a yearning to return to the halcyon days of a relationship and a veiled hope that they might return. Full-sounding, soothing synth flows in lapping waves as higher chimes briefly shimmer as the drums begin to throb in a guiding beat in Mondmann’s production.

Bunny X’s strong vocals fill the sonic space with expressive feeling. The vocal melody is gentle and tinged with emotional ache as the drums and bass form a steady pulse. The song flows into a gliding, delicate segment and the vocal melody caresses while Bunny X’s performance imbues the words with longing and tenuous hope.

Now the throbbing drums and bass underpin a swirling background and the vocals drift in again, resonant and emotive, as the track slips along with ease. The synth melody is touching, carried on a medium-high synth, while the strong singing rises above it. Sparkling sound flickers as the song ends on the throbbing drumbeat.

Our narrator talks about how she’s been keeping busy and “walking in a straight line” without the song’s subject. She adds that if she heard something about that person, she’d “tell all my friends to help me keep it off my mind.”

It’s hard to do for the narrator because every time that person calls, she reminisces about good times and says “everything we did had a way of feeling like magic.” This leads her to ask whether or not they should try again.

The storyteller talks about how “it’s lonely in the city” now that the song’s subject isn’t around. She points out that they’ve only been apart for a few months. When she saw the other person on the subway platform, she says “I had to look the other way. What else could I do?”

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