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Synthpop Single Review: "Together Alone" by Frisky Monkey feat. Seersha

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Frisky Monkey’s single Together Alone featuring the vocal talents of Seersha creating an etheric and flowing vocal landscape underneath Juan Cezar’s deep voice with its ‘80s New Wave feeling that expresses melancholy and ache.

Full drum sounds pulse into the track along with the warmth and delicacy of Seersha’s voice singing wordless beauty as a computerized pattern of arpeggiating notes moves underneath. Juan Cezar’s voice is full of passion and emotion as oscillating synth notes join the glowing arpeggiations that shine through it.

Underneath it all the bass and drums throb out a heartbeat. Seersha’s caressing voice flows delicately through the music while the drums increase in intensity as the synths build and join together as everything becomes intertwining and winding through sonic layers.

Together Alone explores the mutable, shifting nature of human relationships and emotional attachments. As the song begins, the narrator asks how things can change yet stay the same. There’s an ache in the lines, “sometimes you think that it’s all true, instead you’ve been living a lie” but in spite of that “it doesn’t change your love.”

The narrator remarks on how two people can be hand and hand but still be “worlds apart.” Our narrator talks about a couple with “so much promise at the start” who are “trying hard to get it right” but still feel alone in being together.

There’s a great deal of pain in love. As our narrator says, “Love is a many splintered thing, it cuts too deep.” In spite of how empty it leaves you inside, it still doesn’t change the love that exists.

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