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Synthpop Single Review: "“This Is Who I Am” by Séan


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Séan’s single This Is Who I Am is a strong message of taking one’s own path and resisting challenges from others. It begins with a flashing light of metallic synth pulsating into the open spaces of the track in echoing patterns as a steady, solid drum beat shapes the music.

Séan's expressive voice carries the drifting, wandering vocal melody over the steady beat. There’s an open, echoing feeling as the vocals float through. There’s something ethereal about the music as sparkles of synth touch it. There’s an active bass line throughout that also helps shape the track.

The lyrics to this song speak of taking one’s own path and resisting pressure from others to alter that path. Séan begins by asking, “Who are you to tell me what to do?” because “this is who I am and this is what I choose.”

He goes on to address the person he’s talking to in the lyrics and tell them that he feels they’ve been trying to control him. He continues, “I may be wrong but this is how I feel.” He encourages people not to “let little minds bring down your designs” or let hate stand in the way.

He concludes, “I hear what you’re saying but I wanna do it my way.”

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