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Synthpop Single Review: "The Whole of the Moon" Covered by Frisky Monkey & Seersha

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Frisky Monkey’s cover of The Whole Of The Moon by The Waterboys begins as colossal drums throb and dense bass adds weight while resonant synth waves undulate to open the track. Chiming, glittering synth rings out and Juan Cezar’s distinctive, deep vocals come in over the hard-hitting drums. Delicate sounds rise in the background as Seersha’s emotive, caressing voice joins Juan Cezar’s.

Arpeggios ripple warmly as rich synth accents them while the massive drums throb. Seersha’s delicate vocal performance compliments Juan Cezar’s reverberant voice. Trumpeting synth calls out in an enfolding, resonant melody as the weight of the drums pulses. Seersha’s voice adds a smooth, caressing feeling while the drums shape the music.

There’s a gliding feeling rather than the more energetic original and Juan Cezar’s voice has a mournful quality. The arpeggios flicker and spin again before the vocals add deep feeling as drums and bass move the music forward. Juan Cezar and Seersha’s voices match well here and add even more emotion to the lyrics compared to the original.

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