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Synthpop Single Review: "The Pull of the Stars" by Blue Nagoon and Kristin Paulick

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Blue Nagoon’s The Pull of the Stars starts off with hollow, ethereal synths reverberating into open space, drifting as the deep bass throbs and the drums pulsate. Kristin Paulick’s rich, resonant voice is full of emotion as she delivers the lyrics of the song. There’s a solidity and power to the bass and drums while round-sounding synths dance in spinning arpeggios above them,

Kristin Paulick's voice is expressive and caressing, carrying a vocal melody that combines energy and ache in equal measure. In the background, a delicate piano-like sound drifts while the pattern of bright synth moves in a minor key. As the song ends, full synth chords swell in glittering uplift and KP’s voice flows and then fades into silence.

A tale of loss, change and dissolution is woven in the lyrics of this song. As we begin, the narrator has been disillusioned and has “shed my last pretence, a shadow of my Sunday best” in a nonsensical world.

Our narrator harks back to when she “threw the grand charades" , when she had the power to make deals and when “to my will whole nations would bend.” I enjoy the lines, “a smile from me was silver, a kiss was solid gold” that reflect her power but now she’s become wealthy in “a coin I’ll never spend.”

Now she cries out “dance with me, feel the pull of the stars” as her heartbeat slows down “for one sweet moment.” She aches for one small thing that she and the person she’s addressing can share, so that “when we finally drift apart I'll still know the pull of the stars.”

She can still hear the person’s voice despite their absence, but it’s “the howling winds of change, blowing out the candles in the chandelier” until only one remains. Enigmatically she talks of how the “north facade fell first” but not in a battle, just in the “curse of time passed that we cannot retrieve.”

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The other people in this tale found “escapes through death or friends betrayed” because in the end “the grandest tapestry will one day unweave.”

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