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Synthpop Single Review: "Take Me Back" by Marc Matthews & INDIGO

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Marc Matthews’s and INDIGO’s Take Me Back kicks off as rapidly oscillating, tumbling bass pulses in along with quickly touching drums. INDIGO’s luscious, airy singing carries the impassioned lyrics out in a dynamic vocal melody. Powerful, insistent drums batter and INDIGO’s vocals pour out passion and need.

The swirling, distant background is broken by pipe-like, hollow synth carrying a dynamically leaping melody. INDIGO’s voice is smoky and intense as she carries the hopeful melody over the drum and bass rush, creating a sense of urgency. There’s rising energy in the drums and bass before the hollow synth pulsation undulates smoothly again. Quick sonic trembles fall through the music and the vocals are full of desire and expression.

Our narrator talks about “a time when our love crystallized” as the song’s subject looked into her eyes. She adds that “the fire” was strong on that evening. The narrator says that it was a time when “your body locked with mine, forever fine” and she is now “lost inside your life.”

Now the storyteller says that her “heart defines” the night when “the dream of you” started. She adds that she’s found her “true love man.” Our storyteller says that “the midnight air intoxicated” and it was a time that they were fated.

As she continues, the narrator says “Take me back to love under neon lights. Take me back to your hands all over mine” and concludes “young love, take me back.”

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