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Synthpop Single Review: "Synthesize Her" by Kenickie McGee and Robbie Brown

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Kenickie McGee and Robbie Brown’s Synthesize Her is an energetic slice of synthpop that explores love through music production metaphors. The song begins with deep, chaotic synth bass and hollow, open space along with rising guitar and a skipping beat. Robbie Brown’s New Wave-y vocals call out as the drums burst and the guitar growls. As the song unfolds, the guitar shines and leaps while the bright, hollow synth a carries delicately shining melody.

The guitar cuts through the swirling sounds around it while Robbie Brown’s vocals rapidly flow out. Glittering synths double with the vocals while the guitar drives the music on. The chorus cascades through, the beat flowing on while the guitar leaps into a supercharged, emotive solo before ending on sweeping, digital sounds and deep bass.

The narrator talks about how he can “modulate her eyes” as he harmonizes with the sliders and “switch the pitch, arpeggiate her.” He continues by saying he wants a “chance to equalize her” and he can feel his heart beating faster. Now he says he’ll “oscillate her, amplify her” and do it once more. The narrator adds, “Let's set the boundaries for sweet cacophony.”

A note of discord creeps in as the narrator realizes that “this is not the filter they described.” He thought it would be “polyphonic amalgam-y” but instead he’s “monophonic lonely me.” Our narrator is looking for one kiss and “a bliss to synthesize envelopes.” He adds that he composes to “generate a sound, resonating” in the hopes of phasing “her frequencies around.”

There’s some “hot talk” so the narrator says that he’ll sequence her because he’s “looking to be found.” He goes on to say he’ll have to “unplug the cord before the symphonies are drowned out.” Things aren’t going so well as “she delays our unison” and he finds himself “trapped in analog.”

He asks, “Bend and break, do I compress her?” as right now there’s “heartbreak played on monologue.” It gives him “feedback on his pitch” because she’s the only one who can “patch this love.” He talks about presetting the synchronizing as he controls this song. Confidence returns as he says “I’ve reached the threshold now. Curtain call, take a bow.” However, things aren’t quite done as he realizes, “Uh oh! This is my memory My MIDI melody Oh no!”

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