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Synthpop Single Review: "Sister From Another Mister" by Jamie Jamal

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Jamie Jamal’s Sister From Another Mister opens as sailing, gliding synth rides on an oscillating bass tide while the drums provide forward motion. Jamie Jamal’s ethereal voice flows easily, carrying the emotion-filled vocals. Chimes flash in the background while the angular bass oscillation and throbbing drums move underneath. Jamie Jamal’s vocals are tremulous and caressing as the chimes flicker in a touching, glowing line.

Iwan Bedford weaves an electronic tapestry around the vocals, leaving them in the forefront while accenting them with solid beats and lush sonic textures. Below the airy, fragile synths the drums and bass propel the song on. The song is deeply personal and full of expression while the flickering chimes twirl above the strong vocals, imbuing the words with power.

A descending synth sweep tumbles through and Jamie Jamal’s voice hurts above it as the drums tick on with ease. This is music washed in nostalgia and reminiscence that carries all the emotions of the words on a floating tide.

The narrator tells the story of his “sister from another mister” as they were “brought together aged two, half pink half blue” by circumstance. He adds that he had a brand new sister even though “we were worlds apart.” They squabbled like siblings, pulling hair and slapping.

One particular line stands out as the narrator mentions how after being teased about a crush “I hit you in the head with a stiletto shoe.” In the chorus, our narrator talks about how he gained a sister, “just a girl who lost her mum” but now she shares a mother with him. He adds, “Now ain’t that fun!”

The storyteller talks about how his “sister from another mister” swapped her “Barbie for my action man” adding that “his moving eyes is who I am.” He goes on to talk about how her “faux pas in the video shop” made him laugh until he couldn't stop. He recalls their disco lights and “Top Of The Pops on a Thursday night” as well as her “rah rah” skirt as they dressed up like “the kids from Fame.”

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Everything changed for them and “our world was torn apart” as there was “another marriage, another mum” along with another sister which was “nothing fun.” The narrator says that the song’s subject “took control by getting thin” but their bond was never broken.

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