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Synthpop Single Review: "Set Me On Fire Remix" by Volker Milch feat. Durzzo


Volker Milch’s remix of Durzzo’s Set Me On Fire tells the story of a consuming, damaging passion and a fight back. Clean, starkly rippling synth flows as Andrea Durzzo’s strong, emotive vocals flow and the drumbeat slowly rebounds beneath flitting arpeggios.

Bright synth flares regularly underneath Andrea Durzzo’s expressive voice with its unique tone to it that adds life to the lyrics as gleaming synth knits together. Rapidly shifting arpeggios spin out below the powerful lyrics along with a sound reminiscent of a raven’s croak and emotional vocals.

Tumbling, slightly gruff synth echoes out as the drums snap and guide the music. The vocals leap, carried by Andrea Durzzo’s distinctive voice as synth moves in blaring, sharply slicing lines that echo until silence falls.

The narrator asks the song’s subject to set her on fire, telling them to “take my soul and mold it your way.” She adds that she doesn’t care if her soul is broken and hurt by it. She asks the other person to “wipe my tears, take my feelings away.” She comments that it’s funny how she just doesn’t care any more.

Our storyteller says that she doesn’t want “an ordinary life no more.” She asks the song’s subject to hold her down, “light my bones and watch me burn.” Now she goes on to ask the other person to “take my eyes and color them red” because she wants to see things differently. The narrator says that the song’s subject can have her heart as it’s already broken and adds that “you can try to glue it up but the cracks will stay.”

Now our narrator says that she doesn’t want to get used to love any more. She tells the other person to destroy her thoughts while they “inspire my wings, make me explode.” Defiance enters her tone as she says that the song’s subject can “try to take me down…try to pull me out of myself” but she won’t give up. The storyteller concludes that the other person can try to close her eyes and put out her fire, adding that “you may try to shut me but I won’t give up.”

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