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Synthpop Single Review: "Sentenced To Us" by CyberFlower


CyberFlower’s Sentenced To Us tells the story of an inescapable emotional entanglement. Wide, gleaming synth leaps in bright blocks as snare drum forms a smooth pulse while a gliding electric guitar unfolds with warm notes.

Our lead singer’s caressing, retro-sounding voice carries the vocal melody’s pained emotion. Electric guitar flares smoothly into life to add glowing chords above steady bass pulsation. Now the guitar bends and slips into the music with an easy-going feeling.

The singer captures mingled pain and desire in her voice as the smoothly guiding drumbeat shapes the music. The chorus is expressed in the lead singer’s enfolding voice as a shimmering synth dances through. The guitar cries out in a deeply felt solo as rough-edged bass throbs before silence falls.

Trying to walk past the other person and not glance at them, our narrator asks who she was trying to fool. Their connection was “happenstance, no certain romance” as she was dreaming of them. Our storyteller points out that the other person neither owns her nor knows her. She says that “you don’t owe me anything.” She asks what else she can do and wonders if it is “me and you keeping me held in your hands.”

The storyteller says she is “sentenced to us” adding that it can’t be hidden and asking the other person if they also feel it. She says that she tried to walk away but “now I feel the pain, a heart I thought I could trust.” The narrator wonders if it will ever change or if she’ll be “stuck in this torturous love.”

When she tried to tell the other person goodbye, they began to cry and the narrator says “again I can’t do what I must.” As the song concludes, she says “sentenced to us, can you hide it? Sentenced to us, can you feel it? Sentenced to us, can you fight it?”

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