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Synthpop Single Review: "Radio" by Infra Violet

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Infra Violet’s Radio begins with the rush of traffic and radio stations being scanned as the song's steady drum beat joins chiming synth that flickers out over Beth Munroe’s strong and expressive vocals. There’s also a bouncing synth playing a repeating pattern underneath the vocals.

Beth Munroe’s guitar adds more shape to the song as her voice soars out over the throbbing drums. The vocal melody is aching and melancholy and the guitar intertwines with the bouncing synth and the chimes above it. The synth chords glow out underneath the touching words. There’s a pulsing segment with a smooth flow of bass and little ornaments of light that add a feeling of delicacy to the song.

The lyrics start powerfully on the line, “They say nostalgia is a liar, but so is everything else.” The narrator talks of turning on the car radio to “find songs to remind us what we felt.” She says that she’ll “drive us to a better place ’til we see all the city lights.” There is a gentle pleading in the words in which she asks, “Stay with me, keep me awake we can laugh at our old times.”

In the chorus, she speaks of the “old versions of us” that will disappear so that the only thing remaining to bind them is “our song on the radio.” There’s a tense warmth in the line, “We’ll hold out breath at the border, laugh after they let us through."

The narrator talks of letting the music “drown out the absence, days I thought I’d spend with you.” They’ll find truth in the melodies they would sing to each other about “escaping ourselves for something better.”

Now she asks, “make sure I don’t fall asleep” because she doesn’t want to take the night for granted. There is a pained ache in the lines, “We’re getting closer, my foot starts to ease. I don’t want this drive to end.”

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