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Synthpop Single Review: "Life Of A Robot" by Coolmowee

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Coolmowee’s Life Of A Robot delves into the idea of a technology dominated dystopia through a synthpop lens. Rough-edged, descending bass moves below digital twinkling as a smoothly scudding drumbeat and kinetic, wide-sounding bass line pulsates.

Coolmowee’s vocals have a digitally bereft feeling to them that captures the song’s mood. The vocal melody rushes energetically and the guiding drumbeat keeps on pulsing. An angular bassline shapes the music and medium-high synth lifts the vocals above it.

The vocals are distorted and manipulated to add an unsettling, robotic feeling that suits the lyrics. The chorus rises, slightly distorted, while the relentless drumbeat throbs onward. An ominous minor key twist in the vocals mirrors the song’s warning message as the radio voiceover lends a great sense of danger to the music. Coolmowee’s vocal performance here mingles power and a sense of resignation that mirrors the lyrics well.

Our narrator begins by talking about how the “life of a robot” isn’t easy and “we’re so damned.” He asks how we would all like to be programmed. Now the narrator says that it is time to “engage in a new age” and as the revolution begins, our natures will be reprogrammed so “you can see the robots from within.”

In the chorus, we are warned not to run because the “process of upgraded consciousness” has already started. After this, our storyteller talks about being a robot with emotion who will be “a hero with my plan.” He is “cool, calm and collected” with his future vision and “the end of man.”

The narrator talks about humans as “mortal heathens” who are proud and reckless, holding laws and religion in vain. The end result will be “palpitation” for the nation and the robots won’t be feeling any pain. In the final radio voice over, the humans say that “We must abandon our futile attempts to fight. A soulless new age is imminent.”

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