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Synthpop Single Review: "Life Out Loud" by Electric Sol

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Electric Sol’s Life Out Loud kicks off with high, bright synth pulses that shift as they slide back and forth between channels over a easily gliding beat and a synth sound that distorts and wanders slightly under Ed Sweet’s poppy vocals. There’s a hollow quality to the synths that dance over the beat that keeps up its easy throb.

The addition of Lindsey Bair’s voice accentuates the chorus and adds another layer of sound over the steady throb of drums and bass with the wandering lead synth and some unique percussion sounds from Robert Bates.

Love is a challenge for us sometimes and this song is a message about why meeting the challenge can have positive results. Our narrator makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in romantic fairy tales. He says, “I’ve played the game like I’m scared to fail, can’t see the forest for the trees.”

However his perspective was altered after the song’s subject appeared on the scene and he “felt a tingle.” He adds, “My heart opened up and everything changed, touch my body, move my soul.”

The sheer power of the experience made his mind explode and rearrange itself. It has changed so that now “happily ever after is what we all dream about” and they’ll “Crowd out our tears with some laughter” as they live their lives “out loud.”

Your Divinity comes to life with Cody Hazelle's deep, thick bass moving underneath round, drifting synth sounds while the deep pulse adds weight under the synths as they climb and take on a bright, chiming feeling. Ed Sweet’s vocals have such a fun pop feeling to them over the smoothly driving beat. The climbing and slightly uneven synths shimmer out over the vocals while the thick bass adds support and depth to the music.

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Love is a marvel when we can find it, but it can be tough to obtain. In this song, the tale of this struggle unfolds. Our narrator adoringly says, “Everything about you says that you’re having one of your best days. How I love you, let me count the ways to infinity.”

He’s a little nervous as he says that he doesn’t want to “interfere or come across as insincere” but that he does want her there for eternity. There’s only one problem because he’s stuck and “she doesn’t know my name. I’m not even in the game.”

There’s a note of reassurance in the lines, “Don’t quit, persist. It might all be in vain but nothing ventured nothing gained.”

The advice to our narrator is that he needs a miracle to make himself “detectable” and reminds him not to “make a spectacle in her vicinity.” He adds, “Girl you put a spell on me that you don’t know is kind of bittersweet” but he concludes that he’ll continue worshiping “her divinity” anyways.

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