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Synthpop Single Review: "Insomnia" by Farbror Pop

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Farbror Pop’s Insomnia unfolds complicated emotion against a backdrop of shadowed and brighter musical elements. Hissing, twitching static glitches below a drifting, mournful line of elevated, shining synth to open the song. The flow of synth moves delicately over the skittering, hissing sounds and battering drums below it. Farbror Pop’s voice is sharp and clean over the hissing and breaking underneath.

The distortion and twisting of the music contrasts with Farbror Pop’s simple, clear voice carrying a minor key, shadowed melody that shifts to a major moment before returning to the minor. The vocal distortions add to the feeling of tension that move in and out. There’s an unsettled weight as big drums batter under the elevated synth as it calls out.

In the lyrics, there’s a strong contrast between hope and tension. It opens with the image of a beautiful day with a blue sky and a clear mind for the narrator. As night falls, the sky is clear and the narrator’s “mind is blue.” There’s apprehension as he says, “Here we go again!”

All peace is gone as he is “wide awake, my restless legs kicking at the bed” in the darkness. Now he hears something and finds that “ghosts are haunting my restless mind.” The morning brings its light “like a saviour” as the "fresh new day chases the ghosts away, what a blessing."

As the day begins “the smell of coffee’ gets him on his feet but with each passing hour he needs more coffee “to get me through the day.” As the evening comes, he finds himself half asleep and there’s still a haunted night ahead.

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