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Synthpop Single Review: "Fire" by Natalie Gray

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Natalie Gray’s Fire begins with deeply throbbing bass, flicking drums and smoothly gliding keyboard notes open the song. Natalie Gray’s voice is warm and rich with passion oozing from it as quick, shining notes accent it and now string-like synth moves in shining notes around the expressive chorus.

The vocal performance imbues every note with feeling as the drums keep ticking and the glowing synths embrace the feeling, intertwining as the percussion and bass adds shape to the music.

Natalie Gray’s voice fills the sonic space as misty synths twirl, broken by rounder-sounding notes and a guitar with a full, resonant tone. The guitar adds mellow accents to the leaping, emotive chorus and the easy-going drumbeat guides the song on as jazzy keyboard notes vibrate out and fade.

Our narrator is trying to escape the pain of a broken relationship as she takes her car and decides to “drive all night” so that she can “bury the old me far away” and find comfort in seeing the car’s tail light’s fade away “as I leave behind.”

The storyteller says that she realizes the other person doesn’t get it “when you don’t have the time for me.” She adds that the other person thinks that it’s pathetic, but points out “you set everything on fire.”

Now the narrator goes on to say that she won’t give the other person the satisfaction of seeing her cry. However once she’s alone and sees herself in the mirror she doesn’t mind that “the tears run down as the cars go by.” Our narrator says that she’ll let the song remind her of the other person “but only when I need it.”

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Our storyteller talks about how the other person loves her, leaves her and ties her in chians. She feels pushed and pulled until she walks away. In the end, she says that they “nearly made my heart turn black” and she’ll never “bleed for that.”

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