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Synthpop Single Review: "Endless" by Medium Wave

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Endless by Medium Wave is a track in which slightly rough edged synth sounds are combined with a strong melody, groovy electric bass and a driving drum beat. I enjoyed the synthpop sensibilities of the vocals and the lyrics were fun, but there was a shade of something unfulfilled that added depth to them.

The synth tones were interesting from the gruff sounds that added an edge to the warm, shiny tones of the lead melody. They add some good variety to the song and provide an engaging background for the singer to do his work.

The drumbeat and the electric bass created a strong groove that kept me moving as I listened to it. This is definitely a track that one could dance to and the way it feels is pretty infectious as all of the elements combine.

I was also drawn in by the melodic nature of the track. It has a vocal melody that is catchy and ear teasing along with the synth melody that has similar qualities. It made for an engaging listen as it hooked me right away and held my attention.

The segment of Endless where the electric guitar intertwines with chip sounds was a lot of fun and I also enjoyed the growling tone of the guitar on the track. Everything had a real drive and movement to it that was entertaining.

This is a song about an immediate, strong attraction that hits. It has the feeling of youth and possibility about it. As the song opens, it sets the scene with the lines, “She was standing by a wall. We were waiting in line. She was standing by a wall. Does she make it in time?”

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The feeling of dancing the night away is strong in the imagery of the words, “We were dancers in the dark, when she opened our eyes. We were dancers in the dark. Does she synthesize?” I could picture the dance floor here.

I was taken by the lyrics, “She was standing by a wall. Does she mirror ball shine?” and also,“It's never been so bright. It will never be as bright as this again.”

The ephemeral nature of the meeting in the song is clear in the lines, “Does she really have to make the journey end? She does. She knows it's not forever. We're not in this together.” The poignancy of the song hits as it ends on “it will never be this bright again.”

Endless is an energetic, enjoyable bit of synthpop that has well-written lyrics, a catchy vocal melody and a feeling of brightness that shines from it.

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