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Synthpop Single Review: "EQUAL" by Alan Dreezer

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Alan Dreezer ’s EQUAL is a synthpop examination of a complicated relationship that has gone somewhat awry. It starts off with deep, shifting bass bouncing from stereo channel to stereo channel and small moments of static and flickering synth.

Alan Dreezer’s warm, expressive voice slips over the bouncing, moving drums as flashes and shimmers of synth glow through over the driving beat and bright keys move through. There’s a break full of deep bass pulse and wandering synths before the music shifts back to glowing notes under Alan Dreezer’s emotive vocals.The track ends with bursting bright moments of synth with slightly fuzzy edges that lead back to the final chorus.

Recrimination and blame too often mark our interactions with people personally and in the world. This song is a plea for that to be different, but also expresses a certain frustration with the lack of change.

As the song starts, the narrator tells us, “There don’t have to be sides or winners or losers. The war is so over for all the accusers.” There is a request for the truth when he asks, “Tell me who’s been slinging mud?” after which he says, “There’s no need for loyalty when I’m flesh and blood, that has to count for something.”

The chorus asks, “Do you have to choose, do I have to lose?” Our narrator wants to know why love has to “hurt and confuse.” Ultimately he asks, “Why can’t this be equal? I just want an equal love from you.”

Flashes of frustration show through as our narrator asks, “Are you feeling abandoned?” before stating that he doesn’t care. There’s a sense of moving on in the line, “I can’t base my life on those Tuesdays we used to share.”

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He then asks with a sense of weariness, “Or do you just need to feel real, happy and safe sitting on top of that fence, that precarious, scariest place?” There’s an aching feeling as he says, “Why don’t you show me you care? Please.”

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