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Synthpop Single Review: "Beauty, Beauty" by Electric Sol

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Electric Sol’s Beauty, Beauty is a song about what happens when we get blinded by physical attraction and forget to look underneath the skin. The song begins with throbbing slightly edgy, dark synths before Ed Sweet’s warm, poppy vocals come in.

A flow of bright synths flashes under the engaging lyrics as the throbbing pulse of the drums and bass supports it.The shiny lead synth sparkles out over the vocals. I like the interplay of Ed Sweet singing the lead vocals and Lindsay Blair supporting him. Their voices work nicely together.

As our narrator unfolds his tale the first impression of his object of affection is good “on paper.” Our narrator says, “You look great in that dress.” He is “ready for a caper” and he adds, “couldn’t wait to get my hands on you.” However the hitch comes when the object of his affection starts to talk…about herself alone. As the narrator says, she wanted to “talk about yourself east west north and south.”

I enjoy how Lindsay Blair bursts in saying “Me, myself and I” in response to many of the lines. The chorus reminds us that beauty is skin deep. Our narrator goes on to say that “First it was you, then a little bit of me” before she continued “til eternity” to talk about herself.

Eventually he concludes that he’s “outta here” as she wonders where he went. I like the fun little interplay in the final lines, “I would never judge a book by its cover. Why do I judge the look of a lover? I guess it’s very plain to see, real love’s about personality.”

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