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Synthpop Single: "Overthinking" by Friday Night Firefight

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Friday Night Firefight’s Overthinking oozes retro energy as it tells the story of someone in the throes of a complicated attraction. Sam Ray’s voice fills the musical space with impassioned energy along with Jordan Jones' powerful drum playing and a frolicking, shimmering synth.

The vocal melody bursts with energy and motion while the drums add a pulse and high synths spin out. There’s warmth to Sam Ray’s voice and he captures the emotion of the words well. The drumbeat is joined by dense, full synths arpeggiating through the song and now an electric guitar cries out in a leaping solo brimming with more passion.

There’s a break into a gentle, smoothly gliding section with glowing synth ripples floating out and now the “A” section of the song dances back in with the energetic vocal melody. Accents of electric guitar tremble through and the beat bursts before silence falls.

Our narrator struggles to find the words to respond as the song’s subject keeps “talking like I’m a million miles away.” Even though he’s “running with the tailwind” as fast as he can, the other person is still “messing with my bloodstream.” He adds that he’s “just going crazy for the hell of it.”

The narrator goes on to say that he was up all night “overthinking” and adds that he might be “losing it” because the song’s subject is “running rings ‘round my mind” and he can’t keep up. He points out that as soon as his eyes are shut “you wake up and start running ‘round my mind.”

Our narrator adds that he wishes “I could delete your face ‘cuz you keep messing up my headspace.” In the end, he feels “like my subconscious lost the remote.”

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