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#Synthfam Interview: Seersha

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.



Seersha is a singer, songwriter and synth music creator from Atlanta, GA. Her music allows her to explore the more "transporting, boundary-pushing and world-building" aspects that she enjoys creating with synthesizers. In an email, we discussed her musical roots and inspirations, as well as her approach to making music and her latest musical endeavours.

Karl Magi: What lit the musical fire for you to begin with?

Seersha: My parents listened to a lot of music, a mix of '80s pop and rock, '90s Christian artists, and whatever was on the radio, and I just remember always loving music. When I was six years old, my dad took me on a road trip and I remember being most excited about getting to hear my favorite Ace of Base song on the radio. I started piano lessons at seven, which was the beginning of a lifetime of becoming a student of music. It's hard to pinpoint a moment because I feel like I've always loved music.

KM: Tell me about the elements that drew you to making synth-based music?

S: When I first started seriously pursuing music, I just started doing the only thing I really knew how to do, which was to sing and play piano and acoustic guitar. After some time in Nashville where I was focused mainly on songwriting, I started to have an imagination for making music that sounded more like artists that I actually listen to, who incorporate a lot of electronic sounds, and lots of synths. I find synth-based music to be more transporting, world-building, and boundary pushing. I feel more freedom creating synth-based music, experimenting more with melodies, song structure, and themes.

KM: Talk to me about how you create new music.

S: My process is to not have a set process. Sometimes I will start building a track. Sometimes I'll build around a vocal melody. Other times I'll start with another instrument (guitar, a bass line) and build around that. Lately I've been making loops with my Launchpad and seeing where that takes me.

KM: Who are the creators (authors, musicians, visual artists) from whom you draw inspiration?

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S: I love the Jim Henson movies from the '80s--Dark Crystal, and The Labyrinth. I'm really interested in visual artists whose styles feel fresh to me--lately I love Rachel Smythe, who writes and illustrates the Lore Olympus Webtoon series, and Kristen Liu-Wong. Music really runs the gamut--lately spinning a lot of FM-84, Watch Out For Snakes, and whatever my Twitch viewers recommend to me. I've also been getting more into gaming--I played To The Moon a few weeks ago and was very inspired by it's story and soundtrack.

KM: Tell me more about the latest projects on which you're working?

S: Right now, I am drip releasing the songs from my second Seersha EP titled Metaphors. The album will come out next year, and I'm enjoying the process of giving each song its own moment and a visual. The video for the latest single, Changes, which has a dreamy indie feel, will come out in a week or two. The next single, Planes, will release October 17.

KM: Where do you want to take your music in the future?

S: Creative integrity and control, authentically connecting with my fans, and to keep pushing myself and growing as an artist are really important to me. I have a passion for production and composition, and doing more soundtracks for film/TV/games/new media is a goal of mine. I would love to put out a full length album at some point, and to pursue more concept work, where visuals, narrative, and music are all working together (another aspect I love about so many synth-based projects). I'd also like to keep growing my Twitch community. I'm really thankful to get to create and grow in this day and age.

KM: Give me your thoughts on the #synthfam community on Twitter.

I'm so glad to have found the #synthfam through my friend Juan of Frisky Monkey. The past few years, I feel like I've experienced some unfriendly cliquey-ness in different music communities, and I don't get that sense in this community at all. I love the sharing and support of the scene. Between wonderful #synthfam and my newly found Twitch fam, I have become much more active on Twitter!

KM: What are your sources of creative recharge?

S: Nature is definitely key--I love to get out of Atlanta proper and get in a good hike where I can hear myself think. No phone/no screen time is a must for me, especially at the end of the day. A good book or graphic novel can do the trick, too. I try to take myself on "artist dates" once or twice a month; it might be a solo trip to a cafe I really like to read my book, or a visit to a museum exhibit I've been wanting to see. Treating my inner artist with kindness and love gets the creativity flowing.

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