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Synth Singles Review: "Sub-Zero" and "Star Walker" by Vi Res

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Vi Res’ Sub-Zero combines powerful, full and unique guitar sounds with synths of all sorts and strong percussion to produce an interesting sonic picture. We open on those powerful guitars, full of reverb, as they move over minor key arpeggios. There’s a deep swell of sound from the guitars as the arpeggios spin in their shadowy richness and the weight and growl of the low bass rumbles out underneath them.

Slow guitar notes flow through the music with a sense of something dark and growing swelling out of the interlocking elements as they all shift and move in dense motion and a rising organ-like synth calls out as now the drums add more motion to the quickly revolving arpeggios. There is something rich and full about this music, full of shadow but with flashes of lighter notes cutting through. The lead synth has a chip like quality now as it cries out over all of the heavier layers under it before it fades away.

A bright, dense synth sings out a gentle melody as “Star Walker” begins but quickly more powerful guitars bluster in over the brighter synth and the slow touch of drums. The weight of the guitar builds up over the other layers under it, flashing through as the dark edges of rising bass and organ-like synth are all enfolded in the wall of guitar sound.

There’s a heavy flow of intertwined sound, everything full of depth and weight as a higher guitar, touches the music as more organ-like arpeggios circle in the midst of all the heavy sound. This is a track full of synth laid on the musical canvas like thick impasto on an oil painting. The solo guitar leap over the growl and grit of the layered musical elements built up under it. This is a storm of sound, building and building, before it winds down slowly into silence.

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