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Synth Single Review: "transmit" by Daniel Quasar

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Daniel Quasar’s transmit begins as hollow, delicate synth ripples out in hypnotic notes that have a mournful quality and take on more power as they are joined by a throbbing kick drum. The notes have a metallic sound as they rapidly wriggle together and the drums add shape and direction to the music.

A robotic voice repeats and the drums propel the music, matching the repeating notes to build energy. The synth pattern has urgency in it as an elevated, twisting synth flows in wandering lines that bend into open space. The drums and bass are unrelenting before the track moves into a flowing section in which the robotic voice speaks again.

A repeating, hollow synth pattern moves and is broken by a floating, howling higher synth. The drums throb and the lost, roaming synth glides in a slowly flowing line. Chords burst into the music in a broad series of pulses and the drums match the synth pattern that moves in the background.

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