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Synth Single Review: "Your Loss" by Zak Vortex and ELYXIR

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Zak Vortex & ELYXIR’s Your Loss is an indictment of a person who manipulated the narrator, but now she’s turning the tables. Twining, twisting sounds are joined by fat retro drums that throb deeply as a hollow, medium-low synth plays a repeating, glittering pattern.

ELYXIR’s powerful voice echoes out, carrying a pained melody while the gigantic drum keep the beat solid. Drums and bass accelerate as whirling arpeggios dance over their continued energy.

The vocals are sharp and clear, climbing upward in a defiant chorus while the flashing arpeggios keep frolicking through the song as the vocals fill the musical space. There’s a break to a slower, segment as more sadness exudes from the lyrics and vocals while the synths flow in a wave along with the big drums.

The chorus bursts with flashing light again before flowing into the solid drumbeat and drifting, shadowed synths. The warm wave of brightness climbs again and the drums launch the chorus for a final time. ELYXIR’s voice explores her range and energy as the track closes.

The narrator catches the subject of the song in his “crime” and reminds him that he’s “gotta be more calculated when you choose to lie.” Our narrator wonders if the other person ever loved her, adding that “you were never satisfied with one, always had to treat yourself to more.”

There’s a sense of deep regret as she says that she wishes she “could’ve seen just who you are before I let you break down all my walls.” The narrator is defiant as she says that she won’t let them see her cry or “see the look in my eyes.” She’s finally had enough as she is “so wild I’m on fire” and it’s over now.

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In the chorus, the narrator tells the other person that it’s their loss and she won’t be the one to fall. Instead the other person will be alone because she doesn’t want to be theirs and “I’m gonna be gone!” Ultimately they can’t hurt her any more because she won’t allow it.

The narrator’s pain is clear as she points out that “my heart was bruised and broken when you bled me dry.” She adds that she needs to survive the other person’s “trauma buried in my soul” and find the pieces of herself she’ll need to grow and “break out from your darkest shadow.”

She won’t give the other person the satisfaction of seeing her sorrow. She decides to stop looking back and adds, “I won’t let you be the tears in my eyes. I’ll fight and I’ll rise til you’re dead in my mind.”

Our narrator finishes on a positive note as she tells the other person “you will be the one to pay the true cost” adding that it’s their loss and concluding, “you will be the one to suffer, I know that I’ll find another.”

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