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Synth Single Review: "Your Last Kiss" by Vvmpyre & Maverick

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Vvmpyre and Maverick’s Your Last Kiss is a song of vampiric desire and hunger. A crypt-deep grinding and a howling scream moves along with Maverick’s classically-inflected voice. A massive, harsh bass pulse slams into the music along with tumbling, insistent strings. Maverick’s vocals are shadowy and powerful, imbuing the lyrics with sinister desire. The huge, round synth blocks repeat in a dynamic line while the snarling charge of bass and ferocious guitar slashes in.

The vocals are hungry with lust and desire as the string-like blocks jump in angular lines while the drums batter. The musical elements are a maelstrom of power and threat below Maverick’s vocals. Low strings drop and a harpsichord plays the cascading, falling melody while the raging storm charges again. The vocals are suitably powerful and tremulous with shadowed hunger as we end on full, dangerous-sounding guitar.

The narrator asks the song’s subject if they’ve ever felt “the moonlight taste so sweet.” She tells the other person that in her embrace they’ll “finally feel complete” and warns them not to listen to the “little voice telling you to stray.” The storyteller says that her “pet” knows they want and need the transformation, adding that “it’s time to meet your destiny, read my lips and obey.”

Our narrator is full of deep hunger as she says, “Let me have you, let me take you, don’t resist.” She goes on to tell object of her desire to “hear the call and give it all” to the last kiss. She reminds the other person that “no one else can do the things I’ll do to you.”

The storyteller commands the other person to look into her eyes which are a "bright unearthly blue” as they feel their mind merging with hers in a “once in a lifetime thrill.” She goes on to ask them to put their hands on her skin. As the song ends, she repeats he call for them to “hear the call, give it all to your last kiss.”

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