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Synth Single Review: "Your Command" by Blue Nagoon feat. Alyssa Fischer

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Blue Nagoon’s Your Command begins as distant, open synths are broken by twinkling chimes carrying a gently melodic note pattern. A nasally distorted synth arpeggio whirls in below which hard-hitting bass and solid drums move. Alyssa Fisher’s vocals are strong and deep with emotion, carrying a melody that is a mixture of ethereal sound and hopeful expectancy.

The chorus becomes warmer as bending arpeggios spin and angular bass waves wash. Alyssa Fischer’s voice has a resonant richness as it carries the longing, dreaming melody and broadly glowing arpeggios whirl. After a drum fill, the vocals carry the slightly hurting, yearning melody and the percussion and bass shape the music.

Alyssa Fischer captures the lyrics in her voice and hollow, reverent sounds float in the distance. Bright chimes flicker as round, smoothly twirling arpeggios delicately dance. Bell-like jazz organ mixes with the vocals as they soar into the chorus, bursting with joy as the ultimate realization is reached before glowing chimes guide the music into silence.

As the song begins, the narrator says that she had thought herself “a master of disguise” as she presented “a bright veneer atop the mess inside” but came to realize that the song’s subject could see through and wanted her not to hide.

In the chorus, our storyteller says that “the fact that you want me whole and not in pieces” is hard to adjust to when someone has loved as she has, by “throwing all of me in front of faster cars” for inexplicable reasons. She adds that somehow the other person knows it.

She goes on to say that she would “destroy everything I built at your command” and give up and give in but she says “now I understand that's something you would never do.” She elaborates that if it were only one word, she wouldn’t listen and there was a time when she stood tall.

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Our narrator points out that it feels as if she were designed to “let in all the little messengers of doubt that say I should crawl back” to people who wanted “the ideal.” She explains that she hadn’t understood that love shouldn’t feel like throwing herself in front of the “faster cars” again. Somehow the other person knows how she feels.

The storyteller says that she’d tear things down and let them burn but the other person would never ask her to do that. She says she has to “learn to have a voice outside, to match the voice inside of me” and to stop wondering “if…” and concludes by saying "baby I could sure get used to this.”

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