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Synth Single Review: "You & I Remix" by Sequenza & Marc Matthews

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Sequenza’s remix of Marc Matthews You & I creates a dynamic Italodisco reworking of the original tune. It begins as a swirling sonic background is broken by brighter, broader synth flashes. An evenly pulsing melodic pattern establishes itself as the solid drumbeat’s throb shapes the music along with hard-hitting drums. The swirling glide of the background has coalesced into a further guiding throb and the airy, emotive vocals contribute depth and energy. The chorus is undeniable and hooks the listener.

As the song throbs on, the vocal melody leaps out and rises above its steady pulsation. There’s open space in this track as the singer’s aching voice is rich with emotion. The chorus’ angular motion is supported by synth whorls as the drums and bass propel the song. A subtle synth shine breaks into the music along with the vocalist’s easily flowing voice and we pop back into the chorus as the drums throb and the intertwining synths form a shimmering tapestry.

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