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Synth Single Review: "Wrath" by Color Theory

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Color Theory’s (Brian Hazard)’Wrath explores a tumultuous but oddly successful relationship. Hollow drums throb out a rebounding beat along with trembling, rounded synth and luscious piano Brian Hazard’s voice is full of a mixture of melancholy and gentleness.

Rippling, harp-like arpeggios trail below quickly cascading vocals as drums pulsate and guide the music. Brian Hazard’s voice is full of emotion and expression as the full, string-like tones ripple. Now the piano dances through an aching melodic segment. Underneath it all, snare drum keeps bursting and the bass flows thickly before the piano spins out into silence.

Our narrator begins by talking about how his relationship with the song’s subject makes them both suffer like “a scraping of soul on bone.” He adds that it feels like punishment. The pair of them are stoking the fire and “twisting time frames” diabolically. The storyteller says they are “doubling the dares” while being in the crosshairs, adding that “it’s downright biblical.”

He goes on to say “far be it from me to walk the holy path” or fail to raise the other person’s wrath. The narrator says that something about their love toughens them up. In their “joining of jagged halves” there’s happiness. He concludes by saying that “we’re getting cynical, death is digital.”

Crackling static and flowing bass are touched by a rattling sound as “Wrath (Mancid Remix)” commences. The piano carries the tragedy-tinged melody as a taut sound forms a hypnotic pulse. Digital-sounding, medium-high arpeggios twirl in time to popping, jumping drums and solid bass with an angular edge. Hollow, vibrating synth rolls through the music as Brian Hazard’s distinctive vocals unfold above the bursting drums.

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The piano delicately drifts underneath Brian Hazard’s voice before the drums drive on and the broad, twisting synth arpeggiates. Piano and vocals move alone before static crackle and a tapping, rolling synth sound add accents. Now medium-high synth patters in, carrying a yearning melody as drums jump and burst. Wide-open, medium high synth repeats an undulating melodic pattern above digital-sounding arpeggios.

“Wrath (J-Mi and Midi-D Remix)” starts off as cymbals wash and quickly dancing, string-like synth flickers. A throbbing, floor-filling drum and bass pulse pushes on and a guitar growls out a dynamic pattern. Brian Hazard’s unique voice is joined by leaping piano and rapid glockenspiel sparkles moving above the throbbing drum and bass heartbeat.

The beat adds urgency as nasal-sounding synths spin out. Guitar slices in with strength and life as Brian Hazard’s voice sails out. Minor key synth chords flare as the guitar solo unfurls in an arcing, energizing line. Below it all, the drums and bass keep on pushing. Brian Hazard’s voice is warm and pained. Full synth notes flow as the guitar riff calls out and the medium-high, delicate synth doubles it before silence falls.

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