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Synth Single Review: "Wrath (Rogue VHS Remix) by Color Theory & Rogue VHS


Rogue VHS’s remix of Color Theory’s Wrath is a misty, caressing interpretation of the original song. Smoothly gliding synth ripples with tranquility as the background sounds hiss faintly. Rogue VHS’ rounds out the song’s softly soothing melody.

Color Theory’s voice is fragile and tenuous, giving this remix a calming and light touch above the drumbeat’s easy going motion. Arpeggiating synths have a creamy, embracing sensation as they circle. The remix’s softened edges add a relaxing feeling and the dreamy distortion in Color Theory’s voice contributes to the unfocused, pastel sensation.

The steady arpeggios lap like waves, slipping by as the drumbeats keep the music moving. Gleaming, rounded synth slips in and we end on delicate sound. The more tender and diffuse feeling of the remix lends a more wistful feeling to the lyrics, compared to the original song. The end result fills the listener with peace as it dissolves into a washing, encircling sonic experience.

© 2023 Karl Magi

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